6 Types of Dressers for Babies

Are you planning your baby's room? Don't miss these ideas about different dressers you can use to store your baby's clothes. You can also store different things your little one needs every day.
6 Types of Dressers for Babies

Last update: 08 January, 2019

When a new member joins the family, there are many requirements. In addition to the clothes and care items they need, you need to plan the room. It’s helpful to know all of the different dressers for babies that are available.

A common mistake many parents make is to pick the most beautiful one or just use a closet. While these can make any children’s room look great, the reality is that they aren’t the most useful.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get a good functional dresser. We’ll tell you all about the different kinds of dressers for babies in this article.

It’s important to think about the specific needs that you and your family have. Then, think about how many things you need to store and what space you have available. 

Nowadays, changing tables, bathtubs, and cradles have drawers that you can use in addition to your dresser.

6 types of dressers for babies

Below, we’ll list the different types of dressers for babies. Each of them has unique characteristics that make them suitable for each family’s circumstances. Choose the one you like best!

1. Traditional wardrobe

Here, we’re talking about the typical wardrobe that you can put anywhere in the room. These usually include drawers at the bottom and shelves on top. They also come with coat racks to hang the baby’s delicate outfits. There are usually two or three doors.

There is an important detail you should consider: Although some dressers for babies are beautiful at first sight, you should think about their lifespan. When the baby grows up, some of its functions might become obsolete.

However, if you know that you can sell it, lend it or give it away, give it a try. You can even keep it for yourself for when you have another baby.

6 Types of Dressers for Babies

2. Built-in closet

To be efficient with your space, many houses nowadays have a place to put dressers. It’s a very good alternative. After all, all your life, you’ll need one in the room.

The good thing is you can get very nice designs, ideal to make the room more beautiful. 

However, if you have a rather plain dresser, you can use children’s stickers to make them more appealing. Like the first, there is usually a lot of room in the cabinets. You can use them to perfectly store all of the baby’s things.

3. Dressers with a changing table

This is one of the most functional dressers you’ll find. These dressers have drawers and shelves on the bottom. In addition, they have a folding changer on top. They can also have wheels to transport or move them when necessary.

“It’s important to think about the specific needs that you and your family have. Then, think about how many things you need to store and what space you have available.”

4. Dressers with shelves

In many cases, you may want a simple wardrobe where objects are visible. It can be a good occasion to use lined boxes or other decorations. You can use them to store your little one’s things. Many of these dressers have drawers on the bottom half.

5. Cribs with dressers

New innovations with furniture now emphasize practicality. That’s why many cribs now come with dressers. They’re compact pieces of furniture that have drawers on one side. In addition, they have a mattress on top surrounded by bars.

6 Types of Dressers for Babies

Don’t underestimate their size. You’ll find them to be much more useful than you can imagine. They usually have drawers and shelves. You can even find some with a folding changer.

When the baby grows, you can do something similar with a twin-size bedThese are modern bunk beds, with the bed partially overlapping a dresser underneath.

6. Wardrobes with children’s designs

As we pointed out before, the goal is for the baby’s room to be a colorful place to awaken his or her senses. If you want, you can choose a specific type of dresser for babies. The colors and drawing will leave babies staring at them for a long time.

In short, there are different types of cabinets for all babies and all styles. Take a look at all of them and choose the one that fits all of your needs.


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