22 French Names for Boys and Their Meanings

In the following article, you'll find a list of 22 French names for boys together with their meanings. We hope that some will inspire you!
22 French Names for Boys and Their Meanings
María José Roldán

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

If you’re expecting a baby boy, you may have already started thinking about what to name your future son. To help you with the decision, we’d like to offer you a list of 22 French names for boys along with their meanings.

Currently, many parents decide to use a foreign name for their children’s first name. French names are a perfect option for parents who are looking for something original and meaningful.

Indeed, French names for boys are well known, which is why they’re trendy for newborns. Here, we’ll present some of the best options.

22 French names for boys and their meanings

Here’s a list of 22 French names for boys which you may like:

1. Albert

The first name on the list means “noble.” Alberts are challenging to educate and need discipline. Usually, Alberts tend to be extroverted and like to dramatize situations.

2. Alexandre

The meaning of this second name is “to repel the enemy.” Alexander is quite discreet. He doesn’t allow himself to be easily influenced by others and shows certainty in his actions.

3. Antoine

Translated from French, it means “flower.” Antoine is a person who respects his friendships and who isn’t easily influenced.

22 French Names for Boys and Their Meanings

4. Bastian

Bastian means “venerated.” He’s usually passionate, efficient, thoughtful, very emotional and active. Also, his self-confidence is immense and he tends to be proud.

5. Calvin

The meaning of this name is “bald.” Calvin is extroverted, open to life and a confident decision-maker.

6. Emmanuel

Emmanuel means “God is with us.” He may seem shy; however, this is really more of an appearance than a reality.

7. Ethan

This name means “strong.” Sometimes, Ethan reacts impulsively. Independent and combative, he isn’t easy to handle and is very stubborn

8. François

In French, it means “free man.” He’s emotional, angry and nervous.

9. Julien

Julien means “a person of strong roots.” Usually, he’s balanced, introverted and often has little self-confidence.

10. Laurent

The meaning of this beautiful name is “from Laurentum.” Extroverted and quite sure of himself, he isn’t easily influenced. Likewise, he usually has very subjective views.

11. Marcus

Marcus means “dedicated to the god Mars.” He’s good, emotional, nervous and sometimes reacts impulsively.

“French names for boys are well known, which is why they’re trendy for newborns”

12. Mathéo

Mathéo is translated as “a gift of God.” Mathéo is patient, obstinate and often discreet in his actions. He’s also very effective, obstinate and persevering.

13. Nathan

Nathan means “gift.” Despite showing shyness, Nathans are people with great confidence and who aren’t easily influenced.

14. Olivier

This name is inspired by the “tree that bears olives.” However, behind this impressive facade, Oliviers are much more delicate than they seem.

15. Orson

This name means “little bear.” Orsons have exceptional intelligence and are interested in everything. Orsons have a completely disinterested sense of friendship.

16. Pierre

Pierre means “stone.” Pierres act with precision and efficiency because their intuition is very strong. In addition, they aren’t easily influenced and are very balanced.

17. Romain

Romain is synonymous with “inhabitant of Rome.” They have an explosive temperament. But in spite of everything, they have a true sense of friendship.

22 French Names for Boys and Their Meanings

18. Sébastien

The meaning of this nice name is “to experience a religious fear.” Sébastien is passionate about life and knowledge. Although he’s shy, he has great self-confidence.

19. Sylvain

The meaning of Sylvain is “forest.” Sylvains are people with many values, who act with precision and efficiency because their intuition is very strong.

20. Theodore

In French, it means “God.” Theodores don’t usually rush, they get upset very rarely and stay cool in all situations, even when things go wrong.

21. Thierry

Thierry name means “governor of the people.” They are impulsive and emotional. Their loyalty and their commitments don’t always match their intentions.

22. Vincent

Finally, the last name on this list means “to overcome.” Vincents are amazing, loyal, impulsive and combatant. Their ease in oratory makes people want to listen to them.

We hope you’ve liked the names on this list of 22 French names for boys, and that they’ve helped you make your final decision!


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