21 Girl Names That Begin With the Letter E

Here's a list of girl names that begin with the letter E so you can select the one you like the most for your baby.
21 Girl Names That Begin With the Letter E

Last update: 23 June, 2022

The big news of pregnancy brings with it a myriad of decisions for parents to make, including what you’re going to name your baby. Many parents have a preference for names that start with a specific letter of the alphabet. And with that in mind, we want to present you with a list of 20 beautiful girl names that start with the letter E.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll find not only our favorite options but also their meaning and origin. Read them carefully and, if you find a name that attracts your attention, that sounds like music to your ears or sparks a special sense of tenderness, then perhaps you’ve found the perfect name for your little girl. Shall we start?

Girls’ names that begin with the letter E

The letter E is related, since its origin, with admiration, and its first figures represented a person with arms raised towards the sky. This pictogram evolved, and in the Greek and Latin alphabets, the diagram of the letter already appears in the format we know today.

Below, we’ll share with you a list of girl names that begin with the letter E and some information about each one of them. Which one will be the right one for your little baby?

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Girl names that start with the letter E in alphabetical order

  • Edda: a name of German origin that means “she who has fame and glory”.
  • Edith: formed by the Germanic words ed, “wealth” and gyth, “fight”, so it’s understood as “she who fights for wealth”.
  • Eiko: a feminine name of Japanese origin meaning “splendid girl”.
  • Elaine: a French variant of Elena.
  • Elayne: an English variant of Elena.
  • Eleanor: derived from the Occitan name Aliénor. It has several forms, such as Eléanor, Elinor, Elenor, Eleanour, Eleonor, Eleonora, Ellinor, Éléonore, and Leonor.
  • Electra: from the ancient Greek Êléktra, meaning “amber”. She’s also a character of Greek mythology, the daughter of the king of Mycenae.
  • Eliana: derived from the Greek masculine name Helios, which means “sun”.
  • Elisa: a feminine name of Hebrew origin meaning “the help of God”. Its variants are Elisaya, Elisabet, and Eloise; in English, it’s Elizabeth.

“Who would have told me, Elisa, my life, when in this valley in the fresh wind we were picking tender flowers, that I would see with long separation the sad and lonely day come that would give a bitter end to my loves?”

Garcilaso de la Vega, Égloga I

  • Ella: an English name derived from Ellen or Hellen.
  • Ema or Emma: this name comes from the Germanic name Ermin, which means “whole” or “universal”. Its most common variant is Emmanuela.
  • Emille: a Basque form of Emily.
  • Emilia: a name derived from the Roman Aemilia which, in turn, comes from the Latin aemulus, meaning “rival” or “competitor”. A variant of this name is Emiliana.
  • Emily: the English variant of Emilia.
  • Erika or Erica: “eternal, rich, and powerful” or the “eternal queen” in Germanic language.
  • Erin: a name of Gaelic patronymic origin that’s related to the English word Éirinn, meaning from Eire or Ireland.
  • Eugenia: from the Greek eughenés, which refers to “good origin” or “of nobility”.
  • Eunice: a Spanish version of the Greek name Eu-niké , meaning “she who achieves victory”.
  • Eva: a biblical name of Hebrew origin derived from Havva; it refers to “she who gives life”.
  • Evangelina: comes from the Greek word eu-angelon, which means “good news”.
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Choosing the right name for your baby

Many parents are concerned about choosing a name for their children that’s unique and particular. But there are also those who prefer popular names.

You already have this list of girl names that begin with the letter E, but you can also combine this preference with others that are related to something you like, such as astronomy, literature, television series, or colors, for example.

On our site, you’ll find many possibilities, as we’ve been researching the topic of names for a long time in order to offer you the best information. So take the opportunity to explore and decide what that special name for your baby will be!

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