When Can You Start Going Outside With Your Baby?

When Can You Start Going Outside With Your Baby?

Last update: 10 August, 2018

Once your little one arrives, you probably can’t wait to enjoy beautiful afternoons walking together with your baby in a stroller. It’s also nice to go out and visit grandparents, uncles or friends with the new family member. That’s why parents often ask the question: When is it okay to start going outside with your baby?

Your newborn’s immune system is still in development. For this reason, and especially in the first weeks of life, he or she can be more susceptible to harmful microorganisms that inhabit the outside world.

Due to this lack of maturity, many moms tend to be cautious when deciding to go outside with their babies. In these first few days, they usually don’t leave the house with the child unless they have to go to the doctor.

The recommended time to start going outside with your baby is a very common question among parents. Here are some important considerations regarding this topic:

When to start going outside with your baby

Although there are different opinions on this issue, babies are usually able to go outside on the first day they leave the clinic where they were born. This, of course, is valid as long as there is no express recommendation from the professional who indicates a different course of action.

Although it’s not necessary, going outside is beneficial for both mother and child. If the mother feels confined or overwhelmed and needs fresh air, a short walk is the best remedy. Meanwhile, it can also be positive for your baby to get fresh air and have some contact with the outside world. When you return, you’ll notice that you both feel more calm and peaceful.

When Can You Start Going Outside With Your Baby?

Choose the right environment for the baby

The best thing is to opt for open environments with very little noise when you start going outside with your baby. Otherwise, the child could be disturbed, especially by the noise or if there are many people around talking. So it’s best not to take your baby shopping just yet.

Cigarette smoke should also be avoided at all costs. In addition, be very cautious about weather conditions. Cold, windy and rainy days should be avoided.

Duration of the walk

It’s not healthy for your baby to spend all day out and about. It’s a better idea to take short walks at times when the sun isn’t too strong. Remember that you, mom, can also feel tired quickly. The inactivity you’ve experienced for several months, added to the weight of the stroller and diaper bag, may make a long walk an unpleasant experience.

As long as the pediatrician doesn’t advise against it, babies are usually able to go for a walk on the first day that they leave the clinic where they were born.

Bring the supplies you need

Taking your baby out for a walk doesn’t mean that his basic needs will be suspended. In his first days of life, the only things he’ll do are sleep, eat and make dirty diapers. Therefore, remember to put everything you need in your bag: a bottle, blanket, towel, warm clothes and diapers cannot be forgotten.

Remember that you can’t change your baby just anywhere. If there is a public toilet nearby, go there. If this isn’t a viable option, it’s best to go home as soon as possible.

When Can You Start Going Outside With Your Baby?

Precautions for when you start going out with your baby

In the first six months, the baby shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight. If you decide to start leaving the house with your baby, make sure you do it on a moderately sunny day, in addition to making sure you put up the top of the stroller and protect your baby if he’s in direct sunlight.

You also need to be careful about insect bites. As it isn’t possible to apply repellent to a baby’s skin, it’s advisable to keep him covered throughout the journey. Be careful not to overheat him. But in general, babies need more clothes than adults do to stay warm.

Finally, you must not forget that it’s not just the outside world that represents a possible threat to your baby’s health. Avoid having contact with sick people and, in addition, try to ask friends and family members to wash their hands before touching him.

Although you should try to not become obsessive about hygiene, every mother must be aware of how delicate her little one’s health is. Once you have the okay to start going outside with your baby, you can be more relaxed and calm that his body is ready to come in contact with germs and bacteria.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.