The Greatest Love Comes in the Smallest Package

The Greatest Love Comes in the Smallest Package
Valeria Sabater

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Written by Valeria Sabater

Last update: 22 December, 2021

The greatest love and the deepest feelings are often fostered by the smallest things. When your baby is only a 3-week-old embryo, he’s the size of a poppyseed. At 7 weeks, he’s about the size of a chickpea.

The most gigantic love, that XXL size, happens when those little ones arrive in the world and grow before us in giant steps.

It seems undoubtedly magical, but when a mother and father hold their newborn baby in their arms, they’re always amazed by the delicate perfection of his body.

His hands, so small, and those tiny fingers that already cling tightly to ours. That petite nose, which contains the most highly developed sense in the newborn, allowing him to identify his mother and guiding him to the breast in search of milk.

Nothing is small in love. Those who wait for great occasions to prove their tenderness do not know how to love.

-Laure Conan-

We shouldn’t therefore underestimate our littlest ones, who hardly fit in the palm of our hand.

Sometimes, the tiniest things are those that set the best examples and cause the strongest and most transcendent feelings to grow within us.

The smallest baby in the world: a true hero

The Greatest Love Comes in the Smallest Package

The smallest baby in the world offers, without a doubt, an example of hope, strength and infinite love, which his parents professed at all times.

With courage and endurance, their love didn’t falter even in the most difficult moments.

  • Emilia Grabarcyzk came into the world early at 26 weeks and weighing only 250 grams. She measured 21 centimeters and her doctors feared the worst. We know that the most problematic organs in premature babies are the lungs, which are still very immature. For that reason, specialists hardly expected her to live for more than a few days.
  • However, little Emilia was fortunate enough to be transferred to a specialized neonatology unit in the Wittem Hospital in Germany, and thanks to some fantastic professionals, that little breath of life gave way to a heart that refused to surrender and to some lungs that reacted strongly.

Today, little Emilia is already 9 months old, weighs a little over 3 kilos, and the doctors indicate that her development is very positive.

She won’t have serious repercussions, and with adequate stimulation, patience and a lot of love, this little girl will grow up like normal.

She is one more example of how the smallest ones can undoubtedly give us the greatest examples of strength.

A love that was never small still grows more each day

The Greatest Love Comes in the Smallest Package

It is a curious sensation, a reality that undoubtedly many mothers and fathers experience: love knows no bounds.

In fact, it starts off very, very big. When the pregnancy test reads positive, what emerges is amazement and illusion. Then comes the dreams, the plans, and that silent affection that little by little becomes comforting and magical.

Love for something so small teaches us to be more responsible

Love is an emotion with a very specific purpose in our brain: it connects us to what is meaningful so that we take care of it, enhance its well-being and build a bond of secure attachment with that being.

Our love for a little one ignites our need to protect it. Everything that is small, whether children or even our pets, naturally encourages us to tend to them, allowing oxytocin to awaken in us the obligation to promote their well-being.

Love teaches us

When we have that fragile baby in our arms, a being so dependent on us, we realize that many challenges and responsibilities will arise.

  • We know there will be some complicated moments, but after all, love will drive us to always get the best out of ourselves and will force us to learn to be more humble, more receptive, more patient
  • Little ones actually have power over us, transforming us and guiding us toward a nobler version of ourselves because we need to always offer the best to that small, but simultaneously perfect, creature.

Everyone tries to accomplish something great, when the most beautiful and important things are the smallest.

-Frank Clark-

The Greatest Love Comes in the Smallest Package

To conclude, we will never underestimate the value that the smallest ones bring to our own existence.

The smallest creatures become giants in our everyday lives. They are our emotional heroes and the very beating of our hearts.

Likewise, the tiniest ones are those who encourage our day-to-day well-being, because authentic love is nourished by those simpler brushstrokes, where the most beautiful canvases of our existence are painted.

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