I Don't Care How Much You Grow, You Will Always Be My Baby

I Don't Care How Much You Grow, You Will Always Be My Baby
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Time goes by quickly and the circumstances of life change dramatically. Everything changes and everything transforms. However, some things never seem to change. Some of those things involve you my child, no matter how much you grow up, you will always be my baby.

That tiny, round angelic face gradually changed into the noble face of a child. My toddler began to expand that little cute body. Those tiny fingers began to develop and refine skills.

All of a sudden a bunch of acquired skills became present. They are the bright sun that provided a constant stream of heat in our arms. Finally, they replaced their tears and smiles with their ability to express themselves with their first words.

you will always be my baby

The little child that was a newborn yesterday, gradually moved on from the purest and most natural source of food. In return I offered a host of other natural foods prepared with all my love to provide them with health and eternal well-being.

Even so, after having undergone so many changes and having grown so much, some things have remained intact and stable. It doesn’t matter to me how much you have grown in weight and height, nor does it matter that you begin to gain autonomy and independence. The truth is that you will always be my baby. That will never change.

You will always be my baby; I will always love you

Time and your growth will not change my opinion or the way I see you. I really don’t care what people say, I never asked for their opinion. For me you will always be my baby, my only great love. The most real, deep, unconditional and eternal love.

As much as the days, months and years go by, changing your physical appearance and capabilities, I will always see you as the pure helpless innocent being. That is why I promise not only to teach you the language of life itself, but also to protect you from your toes to your head from all risks and dangers.

The way it manifests might be different but what matters will always remain intact. My love will never change or decrease. On the contrary, our bond will be strengthened day by day. The connection between our souls will never be weakened. The connection is built on a solid foundation.

It’s time for the world to understand. My child will continue to be my child until the last days of my life. That wonderful being that knew exactly how to conquer my heart from the day it arrived.

You are the engine that makes me continue on my feet, the cable that grounds me and the treasure that fills my soul with pride.

That little child manages to give a blow to my soul. He stole from my collection of heartfelt smiles. My child taught me the mysteries of happiness and secrets that are hidden behind a gaze. My child also unearthed the strength and courage that I never knew I had.


It doesn’t matter how much you grow

My heart doesn’t understand the passage of time or age. Therefore, for my soul it will never matter how big you become. All of those beautiful emotions and feelings that I have felt since the day you arrived transcend reason. I still feel the same as that wonderful day that I first saw you.

The years will go by and the complexity of your work and extracurricular activities will increase. The freedom I gave you will suddenly start to play against me. Your independence and autonomy will give you wings allowing you to take flight sooner or later.

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about university or your first job. It doesn’t even matter if I hear a rumor about your first real love. Not even the “empty nest syndrome” will be able to influence me. I will never believe that the passage of time has turned my newborn baby into this fully-fledged and well-rounded person.

You will always be my baby, my eternal baby. A being I felt in my womb from the first day. You were a small vessel full of dreams that day by day was moulded into perfection right in front of me. I see today a big vessel in front of me, but I also see the small one that was present a birth.

For this type of love, age doesn’t exist.

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