You Stole My Heart The Moment I Saw You

You Stole My Heart The Moment I Saw You
Elena Sanz Martín

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

You stole my heart the moment I saw you.

Upon hearing your melodious cry I knew this was the only language for me in life. I knew I would always adore you.

Yes, you stole my heart and will never give it back.

Thank you.

The story of the happiest day of my life

From that very first nervous afternoon with all our relatives waiting outside of the room, I knew.

I also remember that my parents came in close and realized they had just become grandparents.

If I concentrate a little, I can feel the cold in the room where I was and notice the little bit of clothing I was wearing.

You Stole My Heart The Moment I Saw You

I was always a very modest woman, who didn’t like to show off her breasts with her clothing choices. But in that moment, I wasn’t wearing any undergarments and my butt and chest were practically exposed.

Does that make you laugh? Me too, now that I remember.

The room where I met you was bright. It was so well lit that it was as if the sun was beaming at full strength through the middle of the roof.

There were a few people around me, all dressed in green. A dark green that says that they are calm, hopeful, and full of positive energy.

To retell the story today I had to stop and observe their uniforms patiently.

The anxiety, fear, happiness, fury, and impatience were strong and jumbled. I wanted to see if the anesthesiologist’s pants or the OBGYN’s blouse that came to perform a c-section brought me peace.

Now I am taking a trip to the past and once again feeling the anesthesia needle in my back while my legs fall asleep.

I am a participant again in the constant chatter of the doctors and nurses. They spoke about last night’s dinner, their date with so and so, the high price of gas….

It seemed like soon we would be all having drinks together at a bar.

They also asked about us.

If I had a good pregnancy, the baby’s name, what sex I wanted, if I worked, how I felt at the moment, if it would be my first and only child, or if I would have others…

According to my neighbors, chatting and questions are common during c-sections.

The doctors try to distract your attention to other topics so you will relax and not be afraid. They also do this to make you feel more comfortable in your responses.

They want you to understand that the anesthesia is not going to hurt you or make you delirious.

Anyway, that is what my neighbors say, not scientific fact. I’m not sure if that is the truth.

You Stole My Heart The Moment I Saw You

Looking at our first encounter again affirms that when I heard your cry for the first time, my ears went deaf to the other conversations around us. My eyes focused in on you and my throat became a knot and I almost stopped breathing.

Later I saw your awkward little pale body pulled from my womb and I could not stop crying with emotions.

You stole my heart when I saw you for the first time and it was so easy for you to do that it scares me.

You stole my heart when I first saw you

I’ve only known you for one month and what I feel for you is so strong that I can’t imagine anything similar. The only way would be to become a mom for the second time.

I know that you are the most important thing in my life. Since you arrived, I am a better person.

Let everyone else keep their riches. I already have the best one of all!

Thanks, my love. Thanks again for existing and blessing me with your presence.

You have already given me the marvelous opportunity to raise you and watch you grow, to participate in your life, your ideas, and your dreams.

To be your faithful companion in your misadventures and your successes. To have the opportunity to listen to you and advise you the best I can.

To be your teacher and help you. To love you above all. These are the my main objectives and goals in life.

Thanks for letting me hug you, kiss you, caress you, and love you. Thanks for allowing me to call you mine.

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