19 Ways Life Changes When You Become a Mom

19 Ways Life Changes When You Become a Mom
Elena Sanz Martín

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

In today’s article, you’ll find some of the truths you’ll have to face up to if you’re pregnant or planning to start a family. If you already have a child, you’ll probably identify with these sacrifices moms make, and other changes that happen when you become a mom.

19 ways life changes when you become a mom

These are just some of the things that you will see differently after making the decision to bring a child into the world.

  1. You will discover an inner strength that you never thought you had. You will find a natural fortitude within yourself that helps you to face life.
  2. Although you might gain a few extra pounds that will change the shape of your body, they are nothing compared to the satisfaction you’ll gain from seeing your children smile.
  3. You won’t need an alarm clock to wake up anymore. Your child will take over your sleep schedule and will determine what time you start your days. Not getting those 8 hours of rest is one of the most common sacrifices moms make.
  4. You will finally understand everything your parents said to you when you were a child and in your teenage years.
  5. Weekends away and nights out will be much rarer. But now staying in is a more attractive prospect. Going to sleep at 9pm on a Friday won’t be any problem at all.
  6. You will feel every one of your child’s aches and pains. What’s more, they will be far worse than your own.
  7. You will be more sensitive to things that didn’t concern you in the past. Seeing news about children will move you more than before.
  8. You will discover that, as soon as your child is born, they become the center of every conversation. Now rashes, vaccinations, teething and colic are everyday topics of discussion. 
    ways your life changes when you become a mom
  9. If you felt disgusted by the sight of dirty diapers or dripping noses before, now they won’t faze you. Little by little, you will start to see these bodily functions as an everyday part of life. You might even begin to find humor in them.
  10. All the sacrifices, from going months without a drop of alcohol to dealing with mood swings and crying over nothing, will be worth it when you see that little smile that makes everything better.
  11. Every day will bring different surprises. And you will see days and months differently. After just a few months, your child will have learned to sit up unaided, say their first words or make tentative little steps. At this point, you’ll understand just how quickly everything happens in the life of a mom.
  12. You will not be able to see another mom in the street without finding a reason to talk to her. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never met before; motherhood makes it easier to communicate.
  13. You won’t have much time to put makeup on or take a shower, let alone go to the salon. You’ll be too busy looking after the little one who brings you all the joy in the world.
  14. You will experience the true meaning of love at first sight. When you meet your baby for the first time, you will know love in its purest and most sincere form.
  15. When you are a mom, or if you already are, you will understand what parents go through when their child has a tantrum in a public place. This has happened to all of us at some point. For people without children, this is difficult to understand. 
  16. You will learn that true friendships last, even when years go by without seeing each other. When you become a parent, you will have a lot less time to keep up your social life.
  17. You will begin to get into the habit of getting up early, even on weekends. With a baby crying for food, those “five minutes more” are no longer a possibility.
  18. You will finally understand that material things do not bring happiness. A hug from your child will make you happier than any gift they could give you.
  19. Those little treats you used to give yourself will now go to someone else. You’d rather buy an educational game over those gorgeous shoes you saw last month at your favorite store.

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