Summary of the Momcozy Virtual Event for Working Moms

This challenge has shed light on the inspiring stories of women who gracefully balance their roles as moms and professionals, highlighting their hard work and efforts for their family and community.
Summary of the Momcozy Virtual Event for Working Moms

Last update: 17 October, 2023

In a world where working moms are true heroes, there’s a brand that not only recognizes them but empowers them in the way they deserve. Momcozy ran the #WorkingCozyMom social media challenge from September 13-19 to celebrate the strength and determination of these superwomen. Keep reading for a recap of this Momcozy virtual event.

Through this initiative, which recognizes the dedication involved in putting family first while maintaining a career, the breastfeeding bra brand Momcozy provided an opportunity for these moms to feel seen in their roles. At the end of the challenge, three winners received prizes to enjoy a well-deserved moment of self-care and relaxation.

The #WorkingCozyMom virtual event was a success


As a brand that empowers and supports working moms, Momcozy created the #WorkingCozyMom online challenge to recognize their tremendous efforts. The intent was to show appreciation to those women who seamlessly balance their careers and families and reward them with a winning prize designed to make the lives of moms with babies a little easier.

The dynamic of the Momcozy virtual event required sharing stories of working moms on social media, specifically about breastfeeding, and using the hashtag #WorkingCozyMom. The chances of winning increased for those who commented on the brand’s social posts and tagged @momcozy and other moms in an effort to increase participation.

On Instagram, the challenge collected many valuable testimonials from supermoms.

Thanks to the challenge, countless stories of working moms were shared. These life experiences highlighted wonderful moments, revealed challenges that were painstakingly overcome, and created a community of moms who can relate to and appreciate one another.

During a week full of inspiration and empathy, many women from around the world shared their moving stories on social media, revealing the extraordinary strength and determination that drives them. In this way, the Momcozy virtual event offered them a platform where they could feel seen and valued in their roles as moms and professionals.

A celebration of the effort and dedication of working moms

Among the stories collected in the challenge was that of Hannah Reuland (@_hanchez), a young working mom with her husband who shared how Momcozy’s portable breast pump allowed her to thrive in her career and feed her baby the way she wanted to.

Meanwhile, Alexis Green (@babylexx27), a mom with a demanding job, expressed that now she doesn’t need to sacrifice even more time with her baby thanks to Momcozy. In addition, entrepreneur Naomi Loren (@naomiloren) shared that she was able to stay focused on growing her business despite being a young mother with the help of the brand’s products.

After reading their stories, Momcozy carefully selected the ideal product for the challenge winners: The V1 Hands-Free Breast Pump, a breast pump that facilitates the breastfeeding process, offers convenience for multitasking at home, and allows for use at work.

This device is useful for moms who struggle with engorgement during breastfeeding, as it eliminates the hassle of nighttime feedings. And because efficient breastfeeding contributes to improved work productivity, it’s the perfect gift to celebrate working moms.

Breast pumps are great allies during breastfeeding, and some models can be very comfortable and discreet.

Momcozy: An ally for working moms

Working moms momcozy

The Momcozy brand aims to spread its mission to support working moms and help them with its products to have a more comfortable breastfeeding experience, a greatly relevant task, considering that, according to the American Association of University Women, 66% of working mothers are women with children under 6 years old.

The team behind Momcozy understands that motherhood requires exceptional multitasking: Caring for babies, managing work obligations, and tackling domestic responsibilities. It’s for this reason that the brand decided to give the winners of the #WorkingCozyMom challenge the V1 breast pump.

Finally, keep in mind that Momcozy also offers ongoing support for working moms who are in the military or who work as teachers, health care workers, or first responders. For these moms, the philanthropic brand is offering 25% off purchases of the Pro Series, V Series, M5 breast pumps, and baby monitor.

For more information about Momcozy, visit or follow them on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok @Momcozy. The V1 Breast hands-free pump can be purchased online at

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