40 Trendy Names for Girls

Want to give your daughter a beautiful, unique and original name? Don't miss these examples.
40 Trendy Names for Girls

Last update: 17 April, 2018

It’s official: your scan shows that the newest member of the family will be a girl! If you’re having trouble choosing a name, look no further – here are 40 trendy names for girls.

Perhaps one of them will sound just right for your daughter.

Trendy names for girls

These are the names that most parents chose last year. Some of them are of Greek origin and others come from Latin or Hebrew. Many have an important meaning behind them.

There is a trend towards names for girls that invoke peace, calm and sweetness.

It can be difficult to find a balance between creativity and tradition. There’s also a decision to be made about middle names.

Very modern first names tend to be paired with a middle name of a similar style. It can also be a good idea to choose a short first name to complement a longer middle name, or vice versa.

Trendsetting Names for Girls

Want to set the trend? Choose one of these names:

  • Chloe: it means “green shoots” (Greek origin)
  • Alma: it means “spirituality” (Latin origin)
  • Ellen: it means “dazzling” (Greek origin)
  • Isabella: it means “she who loves God” (Italian origin)
  • Olivia: it means “protector of the peace” (Latin origin)
  • April: refers to the month of April, springtime and flowers.
  • Luna: as well as being the word for the moon in several romance languages, Luna means “to illuminate” (Latin origin)

Timeless traditional names for girls

Many of these traditional names for girls have staged a comeback in recent years, and they won’t go away any time soon.

Remember to keep your child’s surname in mind. As a whole, your baby daughter’s name should sound harmonious and natural.

Perhaps one of these timeless names will catch your eye and make your shortlist.

  • Lucy or Lucia: it means “light” (Latin origin)
  • Sophie or Sophia: it means “wisdom” (Greek origin)
  • Paula: it means “little one” (Latin origin)
  • Valentina: it means “valiant” (Latin origin)
  • Daniella: it means “God’s justice” (Hebrew origin)
  • Sara: it means “sovereign” or “princess” (Hebrew origin)
  • Julia: it means “devotee of the god Jupiter” (Latin origin)
  • Martina: it means “devotee of the god Mars” (Latin origin)
  • Emma: it means “powerful” or “strong” (Germanic origin)
  • Carla: also means “strong” and “powerful” (Germanic origin)

Celebrity baby names

Do you follow the world of showbiz? Would you like to emulate your favorite musician or actor? If this is the case, you have every right to look to the stars for inspiration.

Here are some celebrity baby names that have set trends:

  • Lia: the daughter of the soccer player Cesc Fabregas
  • Amada: the daughter of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling. The name means “loved” in Spanish.
  • Charlotte: the daughter of Prince William, the Prince of Wales and Catherine, Duchess of Cornwall
  • Eva: the daughter of Cristiano Ronaldo 
  • Ivy: the second name of Beyonce and Jay Z’s daughter
  • Olive: Drew Barrymore’s baby daughter
  • Everly: the daughter of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan
  • Iris: the daughter of Eddie Redmayne
Trendsetting Names for Girls

Names for girls inspired by TV and film

The series Game of Thrones has given rise to two unlikely new names for girls: Arya and Daenerys. For boys, meanwhile, Jon and Bran have seen a resurgence.

Names inspired by TV are nothing new, however: the name Phoebe became more and more popular around the world with every year that the sitcom Friends was on the screen.

Children’s movies are also a source of inspiration for many parents. Ariel (like the Little Mermaid), Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) and even Aurora (from the 1959 animated feature Sleeping Beauty) have all been popular for a while.

Although Elsa and Anna were already fairly common names before Disney’s Frozen became a hit, the number of baby girls with these names has increased significantly.

Other Disney films feature protagonists with original and attractive names that have caught on among parents. Such is the case of Tiana (The Princess and the Frog) and Jasmine (Aladdin), among others.

Now that you know some of this year’s trendiest names for girls, do you have a favorite in mind?


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