How to Make a Tricycle out of Diapers

If you're wondering how to make a tricycle out of diapers, this article is for you. We'll explain how below.
How to Make a Tricycle out of Diapers

Last update: 23 February, 2019

Making a tricycle out of diapers is an interesting way to welcome a new baby. In fact, it’s an economical, personalized, and very original gift.

So if you want to make a special gift to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, you can try this creative option and make a tricycle out of diapers.

It may seem complicated, but it really isn’t. Just follow these simple steps!

Making a tricycle out of diapers


The materials you’ll need to make a tricycle out of diapers are the following:

  • bottle
  • 1 pair of socks
  • 2 to 4 rubber bands
  • 2 receiving blankets
  • 2 bibs
  • 72 diapers
  • A cake mold
  • 1 empty paper towel tube
  • Rubber bands
  • Double-sided tape
  • Decorative ribbon (optional)


1. Making the wheels

To begin, make the wheels of the tricycle. First, put 24 diapers into the cake mold. Adjust the edges of the diaper to create a uniformly-spaced spiral. Stick the paper towel tube in the middle of the spiral as a marker.

Next, put a rubber band around the spiral to hold it together better. Repeat this process two more times until you have three wheels in total. However, don’t put the tube into the middle of the second two spirals.

2. Attaching the wheels

Wrap ribbon around each wheel to cover the rubber band. Secure the ends of the ribbon with a small dot of glue. Make sure you’re only gluing the ribbon, not the diapers. Put the paper towel tube through the hole in one of the wheels.

Keep in mind that you need to connect the two rear wheels. To do this, push the wheels to the far ends of the roll, so that the ends are hidden inside the wheels. Add the third wheel in the space between the back wheels.

3. Tying the wheels

Take a receiving blanket and fold it in half diagonally. Next, roll it into a tube. Thread it through the paper towel roll and then through the front wheel so that the three wheels are connected. Tie the ends of the blanket with a rubber band.

4. Making the seat

Wrap 4 more diapers around this and secure the roll with a rubber band. Cover the rubber band with ribbon, and put the roll between the two back wheels with the ribbon vertical. Take a bottle and put it on the seat.

5. Making the front fender

Now it’s time to create the front fenderTo make it, add a second bottle to the top part of the front wheel and a bottle on top with the top facing backwards. This will be the headlight.

6. Making the handlebars

Take the second receiving blanket and fold it in half diagonally. Starting from one point, twist it into a tube shape and put rubber bands on both ends and the middle to keep the tube from unrolling.

Thread the blanket through the hole in the front wheel until there is an even length of blanket on both sides of the wheel.

Next, pull the ends up and secure them above the top bottle with a rubber band. Adjust the ends of the blanket at a 45-degree angle so they look like handlebars. Don’t forget to put the socks on the ends.

7. Final touches

Now it’s time to add the final touches. You could add a stuffed animal on top. If you want, you could use double-sided tape to attach the animal’s hands to the handlebars. Likewise, you could fill the holes in the paper towel tube with more baby socks.

As you can see, it’s easy to make a tricycle out of diapers. You just need to gather the materials listed above. It makes for a great gift!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.