True Love Is When Your Husband Gives You a Couple Hours to Nap

True Love Is When Your Husband Gives You a Couple Hours to Nap
Elena Sanz Martín

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

True love is a feeling that cannot be found just anywhere. These days, some might even say it’s a specimen in danger of extinction.

The human race – with all its greed, interests, selfishness, dissatisfaction, and egocentrism – has reached a point where today only a few can find true love.

Because true love is simplicity, passion, respect, altruism, affection, and attraction, which is now a very rare feeling.

So, if your husband tells you that what he feels for you is true love:

First of all, you should consider yourself to be an extremely blessed woman.

Second, you must question what he has just told you and look beyond his words, at his actions, to figure out whether he loves you as he says.

If your husband isn’t able to give you something as fundamental as, for example, a few hours of rest every day while he takes care of the children, then he really doesn’t care as much as he says.

Stay with us so we can better explain our point of view.

True Love Is When Your Husband Gives You a Couple Hours to Nap

You’re not the only one in charge.

As a mother, you are responsible for your children’s care and upbringing – to protect them from dangers, and to provide them with a safe living environment.

It is also your duty to give them all of the material and spiritual resources they need to grow and develop fully, be happy, and become self-sufficient and self-confident.

Under your supervision, and with everything you can teach your child, they should grow up to be well educated in values, and become someone who knows how to express themselves, how to behave, and who can make the best choices when fate presents them with obstacles.

But it’s important to know you’re not the only person responsible for this.

As a mother, you’ve carried your child for 40 weeks or more in your womb, gone through the discomfort of pregnancy, survived the painful experience of childbirth or a C-section, breastfed them, and slept with them several times a day… along with everything else you have done.

Yet this doesn’t mean you’re the only one in charge of raising them.

Although, of course, all the mentioned stages – pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, even with their challenges and sacrifices – are actually a real pleasure for mothers.

And then, the parenting that comes afterward is the universe’s great reward.

But pay close attention: even though being able to raise your child is a gift and not a duty, you are not the only person that these responsibilities should fall onto.

The man at your side, as their father, shoulders half of this commitment.

True Love Is When Your Husband Gives You a Couple Hours to Nap

It is also his duty to get up in the evenings to give the baby a bottle, change their diapers during the day, put them to bed, feed them, play with them, cuddle them, take them outside…

If your husband truly loves you and your child, he should also feel happy to take care of these necessities and leave you some free time to rest.

Your Husband’s True Love

True love is when your husband:

  • Not only says “Poor thing, you look so tired,” but says “Honey, go to sleep for a while, I’ll take care of child.”
  • Gives you a lot of affection, showers you with caresses, kisses, and hugs, and the mutual attraction and sexual desires between you never lessen
  • Provides as much security as he can for the family that you have created
  • Shares household chores and child related tasks with you: washing diapers and clothes, preparing the bottles if you have a baby, preparing meals if you have a bigger child who already eats, etc.
  • Provides some of the economic conditions that the family needs to develop fully and happily, so that the child always has peace, love, trust, and shelter
  • Just like you, sacrifices himself for the new creature that life has just given to you and is also there at night to take their temperature, soothe their crying, or care for them in illness
  • He respects and admires you as the human being and woman you are
  • Does everything to care for the family you two have formed, will always be with you and be there to guide your child who knows so little about life, but who has a father and mother to protect and teach them.

Remember, true love is when your husband tells you that he loves you, but also when he shows you that he does through his actions.


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