6 Development Exercises for Babies Who Are 4-6 Months Old

In this article, you'll find exercises for the proper development of babies who are 4-6 months old. Children need stimulation in order to expand their world.
6 Development Exercises for Babies Who Are 4-6 Months Old

Last update: 11 April, 2021

From the moment babies are born, they need stimulation. Today, we’ll focus on exercises for the development of babies who are 4-6 months old.

If you practice these exercises regularly with your little ones, you’ll notice a difference regarding babies who don’t practice them. In fact, you’ll notice a more mature behavior in them. 

Do you want to know what exercises you can practice with your babies? Below, you’ll find some tips that can be quite useful for their development.

Psychomotor development of babies who are 4-6 months old

From 4-6 months old, babies become more active in their development. They spend more time awake, and they’re more receptive to their environment. In fact, they’re quite good explorers.

4 months old

  • Babies try to grab the objects we show them.
  • They already hold objects and take them to their mouths.
  • They hold their heads at a 90º angle.
  • Babies can put their feet on their opposite knee.
6 Development Exercises for Babies Who Are 4-6 Months Old

5 months old

  • Babies play with their feet and hands.
  • They follow objects with their eyes.
  • If they sit, they can lift their heads.
  • When they’re on their tummies, they move their arms and legs.
  • When they’re laying on their backs, they pedal.
  • They can roll over.

6 months old

  • Babies pass objects from one hand to the other.
  • They grab and suck their feet.
  • When they’re on their tummies, they start propelling themselves backwards with their hands.
  • They roll over when they’re laying down.
  • If you hold their hands while they’re on their back, they start holding their heads up.

Exercises for the development of babies who are 4-6 months old

Grabbing toys from above their heads

Place your baby on their tummy and hang a toy at a distance of five or seven inches from them. If they want to reach the object, they’ll have to support themselves with one hand and try to grab the object with the other.

When repeating this exercise, change your baby’s position or the location of the toy. As a result, they’ll have the chance to exercise both arms.

The plane, an exercise for the development of 4- to 6-month-old babies

Place your baby on their tummy and show them an object that they may find interesting. Then, place this object in front of them, but out of their reach. They’ll try to grab it. So, when they become agitated, they’ll start stretching their arms and legs, and they’ll arch their backs. After 20 or 30 seconds, hand them the object so they can finally grab it.

Rocking your baby

First, sit on the floor with your legs straight out. Then, place your baby on them. Their legs must be on your stomach and their head on your knees.

After doing that, let them hold your fingers, and lay down lifting your legs. This way, your baby will stand on your stomach. Then, sit again and let them rest on your thighs.

6 Development Exercises for Babies Who Are 4-6 Months Old

Looking for a sound, one of the best development exercises for babies who are 4-6 months old

Hold your baby and wait until the baby’s father hides behind a door, a couch or a table. Then, he’ll call the baby’s name. When the baby looks in the right direction, congratulate them and let the father come out.

You can also hide and make a sound using a bell, clapping your hands, etc. This is another good way of attracting your baby’s attention.

Lifting your baby as a reward every time they whisper

When your baby whispers, pick them up and lift them up in the air, smile at them and then put them back down. You can repeat this exercise when they whisper again. Finally, you can do this 5 or 6 times. Instead of picking them up, you can do something you know they’ll like. For example, you can give them a toy, sing them a song, etc.

Squeezing rubber toys, another exercise for the development of babies who are 4-6 months old

Give your baby a rubber toy that makes a sound. They’ll soon find out that by squeezing it, it’ll make noise. Soft toys are very good because they also change shape when squeezing them.

Finally, these are some exercises you can put into practice to promote the development of your baby when they’re 4 to 6 months old. If you follow our advice, you’ll notice important changes in your baby. Make the most of this stage, because babies are more active and willing to participate. The difference between doing these exercises and not doing them is worthy of consideration.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.