When The Love Of My Life Arrives

When The Love Of My Life Arrives
Elena Sanz Martín

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Elena Sanz Martín.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

I can’t stop thinking about how everything will be when the love of my life finally arrives. The days pass and the anxiety grows without stopping to the rhythm of my womb.

I cannot stop imagining what my baby will be like. I long with all of my heart to have my baby by my side.

The days are marked by happiness and the purest, truest love. But the wait seems never-ending.

However, it is only fair considering what I will gain in a couple of days, weeks, and months. I can’t stop dreaming about having you in my arms.

Once the love of my life arrives, everything will change for the better. On that day I will know the true meaning of love, sacrifice, and dedication.

When I finally get to look into your eyes, I know I will experience a happiness never felt before.

As soon as I see that first toothless smile, I will be in the clouds. And will feel like I am touching heaven with my own hands.

The miracles and mysteries of life will finally be revealed. I will put all my faith in my strength and courage as a woman and as a mother.

Forever the love of my life

When the love of my life arrives, my hopes and dreams will be revived. I’ll start to understand that life is beautiful and that on occasions like these the whole world smiles at me.

I will bet all or nothing on the future while trusting that nothing is more powerful than the present.

When The Love Of My Life Arrives

I will make an effort to enjoy the here and now. Time doesn’t walk – it flies at an incredible pace when dealing with the growth of children.

I will treasure every moment and every accomplishment in order to write our shared history in the book of our lives.

When you finally arrive in the world, you will fill me with your pureness, freshness and innocence. I will give everything to be fair in the eyes of your childhood.

I will fight battles of all kinds in order to give you the best upbringing. You will become the sweetest comfort of my being.

When that special being arrives, I will promise my eternal love.

I will give you all my patience, tenacity and perseverance. I swear, I will never tire of hugging my baby and mend all his wounds.

Kisses will never be lacking from our daily routine of love and tenderness.

Your love will be my strength

When The Love Of My Life Arrives

When my baby comes to this world I will have to get strength from wherever I can to find it. I will discover my courage in every challenge. The vaccines, the cries, and the first moments apart will break our hearts.

We will have to learn how to deal with that, in exchange for the most beautiful bond that can possibly exist between two people.

I promise to be an endless source of motivation. I will bless our bond with the greatest trust in your noble being and in your capabilities. I promise never to get blinded by your successes and failures, but to always value your efforts.

There is no greater power than that special bond between us. What we feel for each other will be able to move mountains.

There will never be any better company than this little piece of sunshine; and I will be his friend and unconditional accomplice.

So what if life surprises us with its unexpected turns? So what if things don’t work out as planned?

The only thing that matters is the fact that we can face anything together. Because, when my child arrives, I know that he will be the love of my life.

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