A 5.5-Meter Bed for a Couple and Their Children

A 5.5-Meter Bed for a Couple and Their Children

Written by Gladys González

Last update: 27 December, 2022

A former rugby player from Belfast and his wife, a yoga teacher, share a 5.5-meter bed for themsevles and their four children.

This may seem unusual for many, however, thanks to the new room design, nights have become more fun and entertaining for the whole family.

Ryan and Kim Constable generated a lot of comments after they shared their family nights on their social networks.

Their 5.5-meter bed is the protagonists of their posts. The couple has four children, Corey (11), Kai (9), Maya (6) and Jack (5)

All six of them share the giant bed which was designed by both parents for the comfort and entertainment of all family members.

A spacious room, a double bed, a medium bed and a single bed are the perfect components to change the way you go to bed, for both parents and children.

Surely, everyone will ask, where did this idea come from? It all started when the oldest child, Corey, made a comment.

Corey told his parents that when he was younger he spent most of his time sleeping with his parents. His comment started a whole wave of jealousy and questions from his little siblings

The family dynamics, however, had already been established. As the children grew, they moved into their own rooms. When the next baby was born, it was the only one who shared a bedroom with the parents.

What the parents didn’t count on was their older children also wanted to sleep together with them in the same room rather than being alone.

That’s how they finally decided to make a super bed. A place they could share during the night, reading stories, playing and talking about the day until bedtime arrives.

Round-the-clock mom

A 5.5-Meter Bed for a Couple and Their Children

The publication of their redecorated bedroom triggered a lot of comments. Several media outlets contacted Kim, the mother, to ask for all the details of their new idea, including how she and her husband are able to enjoy their time as a couple.

In an interview for the television program This Morning, Kim says the main advantage of their new system is that her nights are no longer hectic.

She doesn’t have to go from one room to the other to make sure her little ones are doing well.

“Some people tend to think that you stop being a parent at 8 o’clock at night when your children go to bed. They believe that children should be placed in a dark room all alone to sleep through the night, but the reality is that you don’t always have to do that,” states Kim in her interview.

She also explains that in her home, there are no pre-established routines, everything just occurs naturally. When it comes to bedtime they allow each child to fall asleep at their own pace.

The parents usually go to bed between 9–11pm; and the older children between 2–3am.

What about intimacy in bed?

One of the concerns that arises from this setup is when does the couple find time to be alone?

Both of them are athletes with hectic schedules and they share a bed at night with their children. For many, it seems impossible for them to find a suitable moment to be intimate.

However, in the interview, Kim explains that the couple is very open about this issue with their children. They often go to sleep together in the guest room for moments of “adult intimacy.”

In addition to this, they also look for time to spend together alone. They reserve one day a week for breakfast or dinner alone. This helps them spend some time together as a couple.

Science agrees

A 5.5-Meter Bed for a Couple and Their Children

This topic has been subjected to analysis and criticism. Kim has had to defend her idea relying on the scientific benefits that it provides.

Kim states, “Science and research have shown that early independence actually creates dependence. Children who are forced to grow up and be independent before they are ready can actually become scared people who essentially want to go back to the security of their childhood.”

Their controversial post surely made some parents think. However, not all parents are in a hurry to make a 5.5-meter bed.

The key is to identify your children’s needs. Take care of them and give them the freedom and confidence to be independent adults in the future.

In one way or another, you must always be attentive and present during their growth.

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