7 Things About Motherhood That Drive Us Crazy

7 Things About Motherhood That Drive Us Crazy

Last update: 07 March, 2018

Being a mother is a beautiful stage in a woman’s life. Although it’s both a miracle and a blessing, there are still things about motherhood that drive us crazy.

It’s a stage we didn’t study for, and it’s full of experiences and challenges we’ve never experienced before. Motherhood is a path that we take with a big bag full of dreams, expectations and many fears.

In this article we’ll discuss seven things about motherhood that drive us crazy. The list could definitely be longer, but let’s leave it at seven.

To be honest, even in retrospect, we enjoy remembering these moments of absolute madness and senselessness.

 7 things that occur in motherhood that drive us crazy

Less time

Life after becoming a mother is governed by a clock. It’s a constant race. Not having enough time becomes the norm. This is one of the new shadows that burdens motherhood. Even the little time that we have begins to vanish in our hands.

7 Things About Motherhood That Drive Us Crazy

Between taking care of the baby, the home, work and the tasks of day-to-day life, there is very little time left for us to invest in the little things that bring us pleasure. In addition, it seems that everything happens in fast forward.

Today we have a month-old baby in our arms and in a blink of an eye, the child is running around the whole house. Time can be a big dilemma during motherhood.

Waking up early, even on weekends

It is intuitive. The biological clock resets after maternity and it will schedule you to wake up due to the slightest noises.

Even on the weekends, your eyes will be open before those of any other family member. You are constantly keeping an eye on the needs of the baby while also preparing breakfast.

You’ll never be able to sleep the way you used to. This is because since the moment your child was born, your heart started to reside outside of your chest.

Staying up late

In the first few months we go crazy with the baby’s inverted hours. Dark circles around our eyes and late nights become our company for a while. These months are beautiful, but they are also intense.

The baby eats every couple of hours and will wake up even after midnight wanting to satisfy their hunger. This lasts for a while until the baby starts to sleep for longer intervals.

In the meantime, we just have to look for a way to stay up late without compromising our good mood.

Advice that nobody asked for

Typical. Especially when it comes to new mothers that are surrounded by large, unified families. Everyone wants to give their opinion on the correct way to raise the baby.

They spare no details and at sometimes are flat out rude. They want to let you know what they think the care and nurturing guidelines for your children should be.

There’s no way around this: arm yourself with patience, tolerance and you should make clear limits of respect in the family.

7 Things About Motherhood That Drive Us Crazy

Lack of help

You feel overwhelmed with all of the new responsibilities you have, even though you have an army at your disposal, taking care of you and your baby.

You sometimes feel they don’t do their tasks like they should or worse, you start to feel alone. The lack of help from your partner can also trigger hysteria.

That is why there are so many arguments at this stage of the relationship. Here’s a tip: communicate.

Mood swings

Hormones go wild during and after pregnancy. The much talked about postpartum depression makes an appearance and if we don’t detect it and work on it, it can stay with us for a long time.

Try to perform relaxation exercises. Take a break and if necessary seek therapeutic help in order to return to your previous balance.

Lack of your own space

You will longer be alone or alone with your partner. This is a big change, however, you will learn to adapt.

The warmth of your baby and the unconditional love that they give you will make you want to be with them as much as possible. It’s a new family dynamic. You should enjoy everything, even the things that make you lose your sanity.

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