8 Little Things That Mean A Lot To Your Children

8 Little Things That Mean A Lot To Your Children
María José Roldán

Reviewed and approved by the psychopedagogue María José Roldán.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

When you have children, you establish a unique bond that no one else can experience apart from you and your children. And there are certain little things you can do for your children that mean the world to them.

You should know that although children are very innocent, they are also very analytical in their constant activity.

They notice most of the little things you do for them and they also notice when you stop doing things for them, and this can affect their mood.

The value of smalls gestures

There are some things that have little significance for us as adults but they are very important to our children.

Little gestures are crucial and they can be the reason for their happiness or sadness depending on the context.

There are many ways to show love to those who matter to us. One way is by understanding the language of the small gestures that are meaningful and important to our children, not only in the moment but for the rest of their lives.

8 little things that can make your children happy

8 Little Things That Mean A Lot To Your Children
  1. Use the gifts they give you in public. Children are creative from an early age due to multiple factors. They make luxurious cards and accessories for you to use “daily.” They make them for you with all of their love and the least you can do is value them and use their gifts whenever possible.
  2. Dance with them. Time for physical activity is important for us as adults but it is much more important for children. Give them a break from the rest of their activities and dance and sing with them. Bring out your inner child.
  3. Leave them notes or sweet surprises from time to time. If there is something that most children love it is surprises. What’s better than an unexpected note from their parents reminding them about how much we need them and love them.
  4. Have a special day for them every week. You don’t have to schedule a specific day to dedicate time to them. Sometimes our jobs make it difficult to make such promises, however take an afternoon or a day to watch a movie and eat popcorn. This will strengthen the bond that your child shares with you.
  5. Show enthusiasm and interest in the things they like. When your child tells you about something they discovered or did in the day, no matter how tired you are, you must pay attention to them. Listen to them and ask questions about what they are telling you. This will let them know that they have your support and interest when they are speaking to you. It will also strengthen their trust in you.
  6. Make a catchphrase or slogan for your family and ask your child for help. A catchphrase will remind them of their cartoons, teamwork and fun. You can also ask your children for help every now and then. This will make them feel even more important to you. They will also see that the bond that unities the both of you is the strongest emotional bond they have.
    8 Little Things That Mean A Lot To Your Children
  7. Let them choose their clothes. Trust your children, do not limit certain activities. Let them see that you trust their choices and tastes in regards to fashion, for example. They should be allowed to create their own personality with your support. Under certain guidelines, let them choose to wear things that they like as long as they are appropriate for their age.
  8. Ask your children to teach you something you don’t know. It doesn’t matter if you already know how to do the activity that you are asking them for help with. Ask them to teach you how it is done. This will make them feel intelligent and capable of transmitting knowledge. It will also teach them to share knowledge in a patient and humble way.

As you have seen above, there are many little gestures that don’t require a lot of effort to make your children see how much you love them.

In addition, you will notice that your relationship with them will grow closer, more friendly and everlasting. This will help create a strong base for when they reach adolescence.

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