5 Advantages of Trundle Beds for Children

Trundle beds are ideal for making your children's bedroom clear and functional. Discover all its benefits in the following article.
5 Advantages of Trundle Beds for Children
Elena Sanz Martín

Written and verified by the psychologist Elena Sanz Martín.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

For a child, moving into their own bed is quite an event. Whether it’s because until now they’ve shared his parents’ bed or because they’ve slept in a crib, this change marks a before and after the life of the family.  Once you have decided to take the step, you may have doubts about what type of furniture is most suitable to place in the child’s room. For this reason, today we want to talk to you about trundle beds and all the advantages they offer.

It’s clear that each family has different needs and priorities and the best solution won’t be the same in all cases. Some parents will opt for Montessori-style beds to enhance their children’s autonomy, and probably many others will turn their eyes toward the small child-size beds that are found in many stores.

However, if you’re looking for a versatile and durable option, a trundle bed may be your best choice.

What are trundle beds?

A trundle bed is a bed that rolls under another piece of furniture in order to gain space. Generally, a secondary bed, which has a sliding box spring, is placed under another main bed. This is the most widespread and widely used model, so you’ll find a wide variety.

However, trundle beds can also be placed under a sofa or even under a study area. When you want to use them, you just pull them slightly to slide them out from their hiding space.

In short, the idea is for the same space to offer more functionality. While not being used, the bed is kept hidden, which allows the environment to be clear and organized.

A pink and grey bedroom with a trundle bed.
Trundle beds have the advantage of being as comfortable as any other bed, but with the added advantage of being versatile and adaptable to small spaces.

What benefits do the trundle beds offer?

As we’ve mentioned, there are many options on the market, some of them very attractive or tempting at first glance. But, before choosing one, be sure to know the benefits of this type of bed, as it may be perfectly suited to your needs.

1. Multiple people can sleep in the same space

This type of furniture allows two or even three beds to be stacked in the space occupied by a single bed (in the case of the triple trundle bed). This is perfect for large families and homes with limited spaces, as it allows siblings to share a room and reduces a child’s fear of sleeping alone. Also, it can offer an extra sleeping spot in case friends and family come to spend the night.

2. There’s more space available

Trundle beds are taken out at night and put away during the day. Therefore, the room remains uncluttered and has ample space for children to play or study comfortably. Having two separate beds would generate a feeling of narrowness and clutter, which isn’t recommended if the room isn’t very large.

3. They’re long-lasting pieces of furniture

Small-sized children’s beds can be ideal during the child’s early years and are aesthetically very appealing. However, in a short time, they cease to be functional.

On the contrary, trundle beds can accompany your child from the time they’re two or three years old until adolescence. They’re even ideal for adults to sleep if the child needs company, as the size of each bed is usually about 75 x 38 inches.

4. Versatility and great functionality

As we’ve mentioned, there are different trundle bed options that can be combined with other types of furniture. For example, you can place a sofa in the game room that stores an extra bed in the same space for when it’s needed. Or you can also accommodate two or three beds in the space of one.

But, in addition, you can have a lot of storage space, as, generally, these beds have several drawers that don’t take up more space. These are perfect for storing toys, bedding, or any other children’s items.

5. A multitude of styles and designs at a good price

A trundle bed is the option chosen by a multitude of families and is an increasingly widespread alternative. For this reason, it’s easy to find a wide variety of models and designs on the market, both classic and with a more childlike appearance.

In addition, they’re usually accompanied by other types of furniture, such as shelves or desks, which allow you to decorate the room with the same style easily, quickly, and economically.

How to facilitate your child’s transition to a trundle bed?

In short, trundle beds offer many advantages and can be the perfect piece of furniture to place in your child’s first bedroom. Even so, before moving the child to their own bed, we recommend you take into account the following considerations:

  • When the child’s very young, it’s a good idea to buy a safety barrier and add it to the bed to prevent possible falls.
  • As much as possible, it’s advisable to involve your child in the choosing of the bed or, at least, the bedding and the decoration of the room. This will make them feel more comfortable and more willing to make the change.
  • The moment in which the child has to start sleeping in their own bed is a decision that belongs to each family. However, it’s important that it doesn’t coincide with the arrival of a new sibling or with the stage of separation anxiety, as it could increase insomnia.
  • To motivate your child to make the change, it’s helpful to read stories about little ones who sleep alone. In addition, it’s essential to explain to them that they’re going to start sleeping in their own bed because they’re older and that they’ll be more comfortable there.
A mother having a conversation with her daughter while lying in bed.
Take advantage of the new bed to invite your children to choose how they want to decorate their room. The key is that they adopt that space as their own place.

Accompany your child in this key stage of their life

In short, before choosing the furniture for your child’s bedroom, you have to weigh the different options and compare them with your family’s needs. In any case, trundle beds are an excellent option that will allow them to share a room with their siblings, invite their friends to sleep over, and have enough space to play in their room.

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