Children's Fashion for Fall: Latest Trends

Are you looking to keep your children in style in the coming months? This article highlights some of the latest trends in children's fashion for fall.  
Children's Fashion for Fall: Latest Trends

Last update: 17 July, 2019

Fashion is always going to reflect the social moment that we live in. For some years now the fashion runways have also featured children, showcasing items designed to appeal to their specific needs and tastes. The following article outlines some of the latest trends in children’s fashion for fall.

Some children have a clear idea of what they like and don’t like from a very young age. Their clothing is one way they have to express this. Fashion is one of the main ways we express ourselves; it’s very healthy to let children choose their own clothing from when they’re very young.

You’ll probably be put off by how they combine colors and types of clothing without any rhyme or reason, but for them it’s a powerful exercise in self-esteem and creativity. For this reason, take a deep breath, smile, and be thankful that you have such an autonomous and self-sufficient child.

Colors in children’s fashion for fall this year

There are colors that are clear classics for each season; for example, any shade of brown can be great for fall. Nonetheless, this year there’s one color that stands out as a big fashion protagonist: mustard yellow.

Even the brightest shade of yellow is highly sought after this season. You’ll see it combined with slate gray and with silver accessories (like shoes, backpacks, headbands, etc.).

Burgundy is another favorite color for fall and it shows up this season in its most classic form: hand-in-hand with navy blue. It’s a salute to school uniforms and more classic clothing, but don’t let yourself be fooled; it depends on you to give it your own special touch with accessories.

Finally, pastel colors are also hanging on and decidedly popular for fall: pastel green, blue, pink, and yellow help to lessen the cold and have been habitually seen on many of the mini-runways for fall.

Plaid is the king of the season for children and adults this year. As we mentioned, burgundy and navy blue team up in a big way to remind us of school. The familiar, square plaid patterns we’ve all grown up with can be found in many skirts and other items for fall.

Nonetheless, don’t forget that classic prints are also a punk favorite. For this reason, plaid skinny pants and miniskirts will remain subversively popular with older children.

Children's Fashion for Fall: Latest Trends

Another close contender in popularity is tweed. Tweed has transformed into something less lady-like and more of an urban style. For girls, there are roomy and comfortable slip dresses and coats decorated with big and colorful flower or skull patches.

Another reinvented classic in children’s fashion this fall are colored patterns, especially in large knitted sweaters. Also, don’t forget animal prints; children tend to love tiger, leopard, or zebra prints and you’ll find outfits featuring animal prints in almost all the stores. From coats to blouses, socks, stockings, bags… the stores have been overrun by fauna.

Knits are always in style for fall

Knits are big for fall just like every year, but this season the preference is for light and soft materials that let children move with ease. The interesting point is that the knitted garment trend is moving beyond just sweaters this season. There are skirts, dresses, bags, hats, and even shoes that are knit-themed.

Corduroy will also make your children feel warm and comfortable. Look for skinny jeans, shorts, and short skirts all in corduroy that will become their favorite items of clothing.

Finally, if there’s any material they’ll surely love, it’s cozy fleece. All kinds of garments can be lined in this soft material; we see it lining coats or the interior of their shoes. Super cozy!

“Burgundy is one of the favorite colors for fall and it’s arriving this fall in the most classic way, hand-in-hand with navy blue.”

With respect to the styles that will be most popular this fall, the following trends stand out:

  • Lady-like: This comes remastered thanks to tweed. But watch out! This isn’t feminine and lady-like at its purest. It has a sassy twist combining feminine with more modern corduroy boots with thick soles, for example.
  • Military-style: With the typical camouflage print, baggy pants, and army green color, this is another clear trend for fall fashion for both boys and girls.
  • Urban style: Wide pants, sweatshirts, and natural fibers that are soft, like cotton or merino wool, will leave our edgy little urban warriors comfortable and free to be themselves.
Children's Fashion for Fall: Latest Trends

The keys to a fashion-forward fall

Now you know the trends in children’s fashion for fall, but we’ll also mention some time-tested and winning combinations that your children will love:

  • Shorts with colorful socks
  • Pants with rubber details at the ankle and hi-top sneakers.
  • Sequins with suede or velvet.

Certainly, the key to a happy childhood isn’t being doted on with the best clothes, that we know.

Nonetheless, it’s very motivating and fun for children to feel that they dress well, especially if they’re able to participate and play a role in choosing what to wear. This helps develop their sense of autonomy and self-esteem.

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