Types of Dogs Best Suited for Children

If your children like animals and you're considering taking a pet home, there are many aspects to consider. In addition to thinking about the type of animal you want to adopt, it's essential to educate the little ones about the commitment that this implies.
Types of Dogs Best Suited for Children

Last update: 05 September, 2019

Growing up with dogs has a positive impact on the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of children. Although all dogs can give and receive love, there are some types of dogs best suited for children due to their patient, sociable, and fun nature.

A dog’s behavior will always depend on the training and environment that the owner offers. There are no better or worse breeds, and none are naturally bad or good. Even the most loving dog can become aggressive when it isn’t properly trained or lives in a negative environment.

That’s why we must train and socialize every dog before it lives with children. Moreover, infants need to be aware of the care they should have when playing with their pets.

Nonetheless, some dogs tend to be naturally more patient and friendly, so they adapt more easily to living with kids. It’s also important to consider that children have a lot of energy, so they’ll enjoy an active and sociable partner.

Types of dogs best suited for children

Considering all this, here’s a list of the seven types of dogs best suited for children.

Labrador retriever

People who have already lived with a Labrador know very well that they’re like a child in a dog’s body. It’s an extremely friendly, affectionate, and fun breed with remarkable intelligence and ease of learning.

Labradors need to exercise daily to positively channel their abundant energy, prevent behavioral problems, and manage a healthy weight. Therefore, they get along better with active families who enjoy the outdoors and water sports.

Golden retriever

This breed is related to the Labrador retriever and shares its devotion to family and intelligence. One advantage of the golden retriever is that they usually have a more stable character that’s less hyperactive than the Labrador. However, they also need to exercise daily to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Before adopting a golden retriever, it’s important to consider that their fur requires special attention. Besides regular brushing, visits to a canine hairdresser will be very welcome.

Types of Dogs Best Suited for Children


In addition to its adorable appearance, a beagle is one of the most adequate dogs for children because of its energetic, playful and affectionate character. It’s also an intelligent and very sensitive breed that can learn various tricks and tasks with the help of positive reinforcement.

It’s worth remembering that beagles need to be well educated and socialized when they’re puppies to avoid unwanted behaviors. Furthermore, daily exercises will be essential to prevent obesity – a frequent problem in this breed – and to avoid behavioral problems; mainly destructiveness.


The poodle is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. It’s not only due to their lovely curly fur, but also to their great intelligence, courage, and versatility. These characteristics make it an ideal dog to live with people of all ages, including children.

Keep in mind that education and early socialization will be crucial to avoid the development of possessive and hysterical behaviors, which are very common in these dogs.

There are no better or worse breeds, and none are naturally bad or good. Even the most loving dog can become aggressive when it’s not properly trained.


A boxer is an excellent family companion with admirable devotion and intelligence. When it comes to children, these dogs are especially careful and protective, besides being faithful companions in all their adventures.

Again, let’s remember that there aren’t any dangerous dog breeds. The only danger of adopting a dog is not educating nor taking care of it properly.

Yorkshire Terrier

Even though it’s the smallest representative of the terriers, Yorkshires maintain the courage and intelligence that consecrates this great canine family.

These little furry ones are very alert and will always be ready to defend their owners. They’re also super active and affectionate, so they’re optimal companions for kids.

Another great advantage is that it’s a hypoallergenic breed, perfect for children and adults with skin or respiratory allergies. However, the Yorkshire requires regular brushing to avoid the formation of knots and the accumulation of impurities in its beautiful fur.

Types of Dogs Best Suited for Children

Mixed dog breed/without defined breed

Dogs simply love, without asking permission or making distinctions of color, age, appearance, or lineage. Hence, a mongrel dog is able to offer love, learn, and show the same devotion as a purebred dog.

By adopting a mongrel dog, we can teach our children this great lesson. Moreover, we’ll give a home to a dog that really needs it and will be eternally grateful for our affection.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.