Elephant Stories for Kids: Some of the Best

To little ones, elephants are one of the most interesting animals. Their tremendous size and trunks are a source of fascination, not to mention the adventures they have in the world of fiction.
Elephant Stories for Kids: Some of the Best

Last update: 19 May, 2019

Children simply love stories featuring animals as the protagonists. To kids, animals are fascinating thanks to their qualities – such as strength and speed – as well as their striking physical characteristics. When it comes to elephant stories, the pachyderms’ size is the main attraction.

Elephants have many meanings in different spheres, but to children they stand out due to their fear of rodents and their excellent memories. The former is a funny myth, but the second is absolutely true. Elephants boast great long-term memories.

Beyond memory

While many stories draw on both the fear of rodents and excellent memories, many elephant stories go beyond these traits. The fact that a book stars an elephant doesn’t necessarily mean that the same ground will always be covered. There are many messages that an elephant can convey as a character.

Unlike in fables, animals in stories can stand out for a variety of different qualities beyond the obvious ones. In addition to being cunning, a fox can also be brave and friendly. Take for example the big-screen story of Disney’s Robin Hood, which features a multifaceted fox as the protagonist.

In the case of the elephant, different stories can highlight different attributes beyond mere memory. In this article, we’ll tell you about some elephant stories that might be perfect for the little animal lover in your household.

Elephant Stories for Kids: Some of the Best

Elephant stories for children in different languages

  • Zas, l’elefant, Édouard Manceau.
  • Elephant Stories, José Martí.
  • Mi amigo el elefante, Alejandro Viacava.
  • Rosa caramelo, Adela Turín and Nella Bosnia.
  • So Light, So Heavy, Susanne Strasser.
  • Babar the Elephant, Jean de Brunhoff
  • Elefante, un guisante, Rafael Ordóñez and Marc Taeger.
  • El elefantito curioso, Marta Canellas Crusellas and Montserrat Roig Ayuso.

Each one of these stories is aimed at a different age range. Nevertheless, any child over eight can enjoy all of them. Meanwhile, take note that these titles are available in a variety of languages.

Ideas for complementing these elephant stories

A good way to complement these fun stories is by encouraging children to do research in a wildlife encyclopedia. They’ll learn about their favorite animal while being able to contrast it with others.

In addition, it can be fun to share other animals stories with your children. These don’t necessarily have to be books; they can also be movies, plays, songs, etc.

The important thing is that children feel they can share their love of animals with others. This will encourage them to share their interests and the things they learn in the future.

When children are skilled at drawing or coming up with stories, motivating them to invent their own elephant stories and share them at home can be an excellent exercise in creativity. To make things even more fun, encourage them to present their stories at a family dinner.

It may even be possible to share the story with classmates at school. Parents can talk to the teacher about the child’s interest in elephants, and the teacher can keep it in mind for a future group activity.

Elephant Stories for Kids: Some of the Best

The virtues of animal stories

In addition to the lessons contained in each story, animals stories also feed into children’s sense of curiosity about wildlife and the world. This is highly beneficial to their overall education, allowing them to become little researchers when it comes to their interests.

Also, being motivated to pursue their interests will accustom them to seeking out more information about the things that catch their attention.

Another benefit is developing children’s critical sensibilities, as they compare the information they find in different sources (even their favorite cartoons).

In order for stories featuring elephants and other animals to help develop good reading habits, make sure to evaluate the books before buying them. The most important factor is to pay attention to the story’s intended age range.

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