7 Essential Responsibilities of Parents

Before embarking on the adventurous journey of starting a family, it's important for men and women to understand the essential responsibilities of parents.
7 Essential Responsibilities of Parents
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

The essential responsibilities of parents go far beyond just providing material goods for their children. There are other duties that are just as important when adults decide to start a family and have kids.

While there isn’t a precise guide to raising children correctly, there is certain criteria that can help you establish the right priorities.

“The most significant visions are not cast by great orators from a stage. They are cast at the bedsides of our children. The greatest vision-casting opportunities happen between the hours of 7:30 and 9:30 pm Monday through Sunday. In these closing hours of the day we have the unique opportunity to plant the seeds of what could be and what should be. Take every opportunity you get.”

– Andy Stanley –

If we were to sum it up into one simple phrase, parents’ main task is to protect the rights (and duties) of their children. This takes place through conscious decisions that are focused on the well-being of the family, especially of children.

Take note of these ways of expressing love and exercising your role as a father or mother in an appropriate way.

What are the essential responsibilities or parents?

1. Providing a safe and happy home

The first responsibility that parents have is to assure that their children grow and develop in a healthy and stable environment. Sharing quality time together, receiving proper nutrition and enjoying recreational activities are all part of this.

In this sense, it’s important to clarify that a home should also be a place where children can have privacy and be alone when they need it.

2. Showing unconditional love

Parents have an obligation to correct inappropriate behaviors in their children. These corrective measures allow little ones to become considerate and empathetic adults that know how to follow rules and live healthy lives.

7 Essential Responsibilities of Parents

However, there’s another part of this essential responsibility that is more delicate. As parents, we must assure that our children are certain that our recommendations and suggestions are made with love and respect.

3. Teaching protection and self-care

The safety of children is another essential responsibility of parents. In this regard, we understand that children need to be prepared for the dangers they may face. 

You can’t shut them away in a crystal ball, overprotecting them in order to spare them from suffering. Rather, parents must teach their children to take care of themselves so they’re less vulnerable.

4. Monitoring health conditions

When we talk about children’s health, we’re not just looking at the physical dimensions. It’s also important to care for our little ones’ emotional well-being.

The foundation of a person’s development is laid during childhood. Therefore, quality medical attention during the early years of life will guarantee that this process takes place properly.

5. Helping to strengthen self-esteem

Children begin to experience self awareness when they’re only a few months old. They see themselves through the eyes of their parents and their self-concept develops based on the treatment and language they receive.

Teach your children to love themselves, respect themselves, be self-critical without punishing themselves or being excessively severe. That way, they’ll learn to recognize their mistakes and try to act assertively in the future.

6. Establishing limits and being consistent with punishment

This, perhaps, is one of the most complicated points for parents today. Establishing rules isn’t comfortable, nor is feeling like the villain sometimes. However, it’s fundamental to the formation of our children.

The discipline we teach our children during the first years of life is the raw material for the success they’ll achieve in the future. Rules help children to develop the ability to tolerate frustration and to control themselves.

7 Essential Responsibilities of Parents

7. Being a good model for behavior

If you want your children to behave in a certain way, the best way to teach them is to behave that way yourself. Our example is a much better teacher than our word.

Actions speak for themselves when it comes to the values we want to transmit. Be the type of person you want your children to be when they reach adulthood.

Conclusion about the essential responsibilities of parents

Although there are other aspects that we must also pay attention to as parents, these are the essential responsibilities of parents when it comes to the upbringing of their children.

With these consistent actions, you’ll guarantee that your children enjoy an integral and balanced development, and build a solid foundation for adulthood.

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