Grandparents Never Die - They Become Invisible

Grandparents Never Die - They Become Invisible

Last update: 25 November, 2017

Grandparents never die – they become invisible. They have the gift of eternal life, taking root in each child’s heart, which keeps them more alive than ever with each happy and eternal memory.

Feeling the caresses of their soft hands, reliving their sweet voices to remember the anecdotes told with a strong embrace, or simply remembering that look full of infinite tenderness and admiration live on in their playful souls.

It is the law of life. Those childhood heroes have the privilege of seeing their grandchildren come to life, while the little ones bear the weight of a cruel farewell, contemplating the painful passage of those whose hair turns to the color of snow or whose skin begins to furrow.

grandparents never die because they stay in their grandchildren's hearts

Children usually experience this with pain and anguish, as their grandparents’ best stories and moments become out of reach, running like sand through their fingers. It’s time to say goodbye… the first loss of childhood.

However, grandparents never really die. They are immortalized in the soul of each child, while leaving indelible traces of love and affection. They may no longer have a body, but their memory never leaves. They take root in the identity of each little one.

Grandparents never die – they live inside their grandchildren forever

The bond between grandparents and their grandchildren comes from an intimate and profound relationship. Grandparents have devotion for their grandchildren, so they offer protection, friendship and consent, in addition to everything they do to care for the infant.

Certainly, grandparents never die, but even if they are not physically present, they are still present in the life of each person through their eternal loyalty, which materializes in a great oral legacy that transcends each generation.

These endearing and memorable characters are able to hold their grandchildren’s hands with pride and confidence while teaching them to walk.

Over time, they may have released those little hands, but they will never stop holding their hearts, where they stay for an eternity.

grandfather playing with granddaughter in a park

Grandparents do not die, but become invisible, and those fleeting stars can be seen through yellowed photographs, in the fruit of the tree that they planted with their own hands, in that beautiful apron they sewed and preserved for its immense emotional value.

Grandparents live on forever in our attitude toward life, thanks to their advice and encouragement. We keep them in our emotional memory, and they even shine through in the way we tie our shoes.

They are present forever

Their eyes get wet whenever they reminisce. They teach children that a hug makes anything better, and they can teach things that can’t be found in a library. 

three pairs of hands black and white photo

They are the builders of childhood, guardians of secrets, experts in dissipating fears and anguish, defenders of happiness and leisure, and architects who raise a child up when his world collapses. Their aroma is impregnated in our senses.

Grandparents never die for their grandchildren, ever. Until the end of their days, little ones will carry them like tattoos on their souls.

Grandparents are present whenever we slow down a little, act more thoughtfully or enjoy the moment. They become our compasses.

Grandparents become invisible, but each grandchild knows that they hide behind each smile, each afternoon stroll. They leave an affectionate legacy of unique and inexplicable love.

Grandparents never die – they persist inside each little one, who grants them the gift of immortality. 

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