My Grandchild: A Piece Of Heaven That Life Gifted Me

My Grandchild: A Piece Of Heaven That Life Gifted Me

Last update: 22 November, 2017

My grandchild is a little piece of heaven that life gifted me. It is a second chance that the gods have given me. My chance to love without bounds and without additional worries. A chance to do things right, to continue building the future.

My grandchildren, a fruit of loves, those small beings that I saw being born, today are my everything. They give me the encouragement to overcome the aches and pains of old age. It is them who give me a reason to continue inhabiting this world.

My grandchildren have become the oxygen that allows me to live each day intensely. They are sources of admiration and deep adoration. With each visit they fill my home with color and the last stretches of my existence with happiness.

My Grandchild, the best gift I have received.

cartoon drawing - me and my grandchild

My grandchild is the best gift my own child could give me. The love I feel for them is so unique, so different from the immense love that I felt the first time I saw my own child. My grandchild is the heir to all my time, for sharing with me the the shine of those eyes and that contagious smile.

My grandchild rekindled my capacity for wonder by extending my life with hopes and dreams. He is the most perfect dream come true. Today, the sound of his innocent voice has become my anthem. The pictures I have of him around the house are like life’s trophies.

My grandchild is the best prize that I could have received after raising my little ray of sunshine with so much love. And today, he gave me the most beautiful gift of all. So much happiness for this grandma who doesn’t get tired of giving all her love, kisses, and bear hugs to this little one who has so much affection to give.

My grandchild is my past, my present, my future. My history, my family, and my blood. For that exact reason I will never be able to deny him any of his wishes. Because of him I can make possible the impossible. He is my spoiled child, my accomplice, and my favorite playmate.

This little one is a way for me to travel back to the past. To remember those beautiful childhood times. Reminisce about those old games. To remember my innocence, imagination, and youth. To think back of the purity that I carried with me and look at all that I have lost over the years.

My grandchild, my dream, my reason to be

This child that I see growing up in front of me, made me able to dream again, to be part of his dreams. He showed me that I still have so much to learn. He awoke in me new passions that I thought impossible. He came into this world to soften my heart.


To look at what he considers fantastic, to listen to the stories that fascinate him, to see him slide down that slide is pure magic. This cute face and the sweet way he says “grandma” are enough to make me smile. I promise to bring down the moon, give you the sun, and fill all your afternoons with sweetness.

Giving in to all his whims, give him all my love, accompany him in every aspect of his life, has become my sport. Remembering how to change diapers, ease crying fits, sit him on my lap to entertain him, has become my number one priority since my grandchild came into this world.

And so what if my son, son-in-law or daughter-in-law can’t understand this deep love? What does their passing anger matter? I know exactly that yesterday they didn’t understand me either, but now that they are parents, they do. So when the day comes in which they will be grandfathers and grandmothers, they will understand my behavior.

My little piece of heaven, my world, my universe, and my everything. This is my grandson ever since I found out of his arrival to this world. I only wish for him to have a full and happy life, and I hope to enjoy it with him for as long as possible. Because if any feeling of sadness or pain looms, I want to be the one who dries his tears and brings out a smile.

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