Letter to the Woman Who Takes Care of My Child While I'm at Work

Letter to the Woman Who Takes Care of My Child While I'm at Work

Last update: 23 November, 2017

Dear woman who takes care of my child,

I hope this letter finds you well, and that you are together with your family and friends. I wish you so much health and happiness.

This morning, I barely had time to kiss my child’s forehead, smile, and wave goodbye to him.

The pressures of work and everyday life do not give me the time to sit down with you and chat like I have always wanted to do. But I want you to know that I see you as a friend, or even as a very close relative.

My main concern, as it should be, is to know and learn everyday about your warmth, your values, and the affection that you are able to offer my child even if you don’t expect the same in return.

I am writing this letter to pay tribute to the value that I have found in you in the short time that I have known you, even with the friction between us.

I’m also sending this letter in order for me to bare my heart and to be totally honest, perhaps more so than I could have been if talking to you in person.

With my feelings totally exposed, I want to talk to you about the fear I feel in the mornings when I see you hugging, kissing, and picking up the child that is the most important person in the world to the woman writing this letter.

The fear that I am filled with every afternoon when I arrive and see you fuss over his clothes and hair… When I think that maybe one day he might suddenly want to stay with you and not come home.

I know that at this moment, you may smile when you realize how deluded I am, but us mothers, on many occasions, are like this. That’s why I’m asking you to try to understand me.

This letter is meant to convey the envy that I feel when I see you hug him, the looks you exchange, and the many hours you spend talking and playing together.

But I can’t end this letter without commending you and telling you how much I admire you for the dedication and love that you put into your work every day. For being one more mother for my son.

The real reason I am turning to you is because of a request that, last night before bedtime, my little one made to me.

For your sake and my own, I want you to take this letter as a simple but heartfelt tribute to you in honor of Mother’s Day.

I learned that nature still hasn’t given you a chance to have a baby.

And whether it ever happens or not, I know how happy you must feel to welcome so many young children with open arms who are developing under your tutelage, my own among them.

letter to the woman who takes care of my child

How blessed he is because of the work you have chosen to do. Work that lets you enjoy those important and unique moments that we as the children’s mothers who care should have, but that we sometimes lose due to our need to support the family:

Their first step, the first time they say “mom,” when they take on a new adventure…

Although you have not been able to conceive, there is no doubt that if anyone deserves the praise and gifts that are given on Mother’s Day, it is you.

Finally, I hope you know how much affection and gratitude that my baby and I feel for you. For making him happy, loving him, protecting him, and teaching him almost everything he knows how to do.

Thank you so much for welcoming him like he was your own and guiding him on the path that would become his own.

I hope that life rewards you with a child of your own soon, and that you can feel in your own flesh what it means to be a mother.

mother smiling with her daughter in the park

For now I can only congratulate you, give you these flowers and wish you the best in this world.

I urge you to continue tirelessly to be such a good, noble person for so many children.

Have a good day and good luck to you always.

Thanks again,

A mom.

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