Mom, Don't Forget To Listen To Me, Kiss Me And Enjoy Time With Me

Mom, Don't Forget To Listen To Me, Kiss Me And Enjoy Time With Me
Valeria Sabater

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Written by Valeria Sabater

Last update: 22 December, 2021

All good parents remember that today could be the best day for their children. Just like yesterday was the best and so will tomorrow. These parents listen to their children, embrace them, make them laugh and above all, enjoy time with them.

In recent years, something we have all noticed is that philosophies such as mindfulness have come to remind us, and even warn us, that we must slow down. The most important things are always happening in the “here and now.”

Perhaps it’s precisely for that reason that more and more families are assuming a new and accurate concept when it comes to raising their children.


One of the most fortunate things that can happen to you in your life is to have a happy childhood” – Agatha Christie


Nowadays we hear a very interesting term: “Zen moms.” They are a group of women who started a movement that goes beyond yoga and meditation classes. They promote the development of an attitude that is calm, patient and, above all, focused on being more present with their children.

This is where they learn to listen and where they learn that every gesture counts. That every word, caress, silence or distance can leave a permanent mark on a child’s brain.

It is essential to avoid common dynamics such as getting them to stop using diapers as quick as possible, getting them to eat solid food too soon, teaching them how to dress too early, having them finish their breakfast without delay and even getting them to assume literacy skills at the age of 3!

There are parents who undoubtedly have forgotten what it is like to be a child. Children are not small adults. They are human beings who need everything to be provided for them from their parents, but the most important thing for them is what is happening right now.

Today is the best day to make your child happy, but… do you know how to?

girl enjoying a lollipop

In order to make your child happy, you don’t need to give them gifts, take them to the fair or give them an advance for their birthday party that is in a month. It’s more simple than that; it’s all about “knowing how to be present.” This can be achieved even if you work long hours because the time we dedicate to our children should be measured in quality, not quantity.

In this article we will give you tips on what to reflect on in order to guarantee that you will spend quality time so you can bond with your children.

Give them love, let is show

  • A little tickle on the belly that makes them laugh.
  • Give them your attention. Let them see that everything they say, think or come up with, is important to you.
  • Caress them with your arms, your songs, and those goodnight kisses. Let them know that they are magical, special and loved by their parents. All of these gestures are gifts of oxytocin that leave a mark on your child’s brain.

You are never too big to play

Today can be a great day to play pirates. You can also get a little dirty while planting seeds that will later become giant trees and take us to a world of flowers and colors.

children enjoy time outdoors together

Today is a great day to take your child by the hand to enjoy time in the park or the beach. You can even have fun at home painting a beautiful picture with water colors. You can try to make self portraits or painting your pet.

Today we will make small things big

Today, just like yesterday and also tomorrow, make your child see that the small things are always the most important. This is how you will teach them about humility, respect and how to appreciate the gift of friendship, love, and nature. They will learn the value of a smile, saying “thank you”, “I hear you”, “I respect you” and “I understand your point of view”.


What a person loves in their childhood stays in their heart forever”–Jean Jacques Rousseau


Educating our children with “Zen” craftsmanship, where we live in the here and now, where we can enjoy time with them, as well as skin to skin contact, and where we can feel the breath and laughter of our little ones up close is how we create a happy life for our children. A life where we can see the sunlight and energy in the eyes of our children we love so much.

enjoy time with your children

Remember that today is the most important day for your children. Today they need to be heard, enjoyed and loved. Don’t hold back on emotional gifts for them, gifts that build up security and happiness in their minds and hearts.

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