Moldable Sand for Children: A Sensory Game

Moldable sand for children is lots of fun and allows them to easily build all kinds of objects. Let's take the opportunity to discover its benefits.
Moldable Sand for Children: A Sensory Game

Last update: 07 April, 2019

Moldable sand for children is an amazing material used for sensory games. It feels and acts like a combination of wet sand and playdough.

This product is ideal for building and shaping, as well as providing a unique sensory experience for children.

Sensory games are very important for children because they stimulate their senses and help promote brain development. By using moldable sand, they can gather, cut, flatten, or build sand castles.

At the same time, it allows them to practice using the small muscles in their fingers and hands.

For these reasons, moldable sand is a valuable tool for children’s development. Adults can also benefit, particularly those who suffer from disorders like anxiety, stress, or depression.

Moldable sand for children

Moldable sand is soft and elastic. This material is sensitive to water, so we recommend using it only indoors, where humidity levels never exceed 60%.

Keep in mind that if the compound gets wet, you should let it dry until it recovers the same texture it had before.

Nonetheless, playing with moldable sand is a magical and hypnotizing experience for children. It provides them with unforgettable and relaxing moments, among other things.

This sand is made up of a mixture of sand and polymers, so its texture is different from any other material that children have been able to play with before.

The texture is less sandy than dry sand and very moldable, like wet sand without it being really wet. In fact, it’s similar to playdough, as it’s soft and easy to mold.

Moldable Sand for Children

What are the benefits of moldable sand for children?

The benefits of playing with moldable sand are the following:

  • Helps children fine-tune their motor development since moldable sand is a practical material that encourages children to squeeze, crush, cut, push, pinch, roll, and flatten.
  • Benefits children who are sensitive to messy gaming experiences, or those who are reluctant to try new things in general.
  • This activity is perfect prior to writing.
  • A fantastic way to encourage creativity in a relaxed manner. Moldable sand helps children develop cognitive skills and it increases their ingenuity.
  • Through their own creations, children develop communication skills.
  • Offers a true sense of tranquility. Strangely enough, this is experienced by many people, both children and adults.

“All the most important learning experiences are done by playing in the first stage of life. Hence, the importance of playing in these ages and allowing them to explore freedom.”

–Francesco Tonucci–

Moldable sand: a sensory game

Moldable sand is a sensory activity that stimulates the senses. Obviously, any game in which a child is involved will activate at least one or more senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. However, some activities, such as moldable sand, are more stimulating than others.

Likewise, sensory activities help develop fine motor skills, encourage imaginary play, and increase self-regulation.

You should also take into consideration that children learn by doing things and experimenting them in their own world. That’s why moldable sand, as a sensory game, represents a perfect opportunity to develop their brains and encourage creative thinking.

Moldable Sand for Children

Additionally, it’s necessary to emphasize that sensory activities don’t have the same impact on all children. That means that, what could be stimulating for one child, might not have the same effect on another.

While it’s very positive to encourage children to try new things, it’s important not to push them to do activities that distance them from their comfort zone. This will cause them to feel uncomfortable and their answer will be to reject it.

Finally, remember that moldable sand for children is very easy to clean. That’s why little ones can play with it indoors.

If you like sensory games for your children or if you’re just looking for new ideas, this is a wonderful option. They’ll love it!

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