My Grandfather Has Silver Hair and a Heart of Gold

My Grandfather Has Silver Hair and a Heart of Gold

Last update: 05 May, 2018

My grandfather is a fundamental person in my life. As time goes on and the years pass, he has changed.

Today his hands and his face are clouded with a pattern of wrinkles. He opens my heart with how weary he has become, and also with how much of a loving person he is.

My grandfather is a wonderful person with silver hair and a heart of gold. My whole life, I knew how fortunate I was to be in his presence and surrounded by his unconditional love.

He gives me peace, reassurance, and a relationship that is impossible to describe with words.

His arms are therapeutic and healing. The advice he gives me reflects his endless knowledge and unequaled experience.

His rough fingers shaped in his long life are always there to wipe tears from my cheeks. While his ears are always there to listen to me. Any time, any day.

My grandfather is a unique and special person. Cherished and unforgettable as few are,  he has left the most wonderful emotional imprints on me.

He marked my beautiful childhood filled with adventures, mischief, secrets, togetherness, understanding and trust at his side.

My Silver-Haired Grandfather

My Grandfather Has Silver Hair and a Heart of Gold

Time shows no mercy. And it didn’t with my beloved grandfather. I can see the passage of time in his eyes.

And though physically he has changed, I can see that the love between a grandfather and his grandchildren is still there, and has even grown. I’m not the same either, but in his loving gaze I can also see pride.

He seems tired, distracted. Lately he’s even forgetting things. My name, and so many things about me.

He has lost that spark, that energy which kept me and my spirits alive. I have lost it too. That time of my grandfather satisfying my every whim is in the past.

With his silver hair, he has been shaped by his life well lived. It is his trophy from this race that is life.

Happy moments, sad ones, love and disappointments, effort, sacrifices, mistakes and successes. These show up in his fine hair, of which he has less and less.

My Grandfather, with His Heart of Gold

My grandfather made me wealthy just by existing. He has been my best inheritance and he has left me the best legacies, teachings and life lessons.

There is no better gift that my parents could have given me than my beloved grandparents.

I still cherish those donuts and delicious meals with them in my heart. Their stories. The afternoons walking in the park, taking care of the plants in the garden.

Going shopping and being spoiled and given treats. Every one of their words still echo in my soul, which was shaped by them.

And, my grandfather has a heart of gold. He had so much to give and asked nothing in return. Just for the joy of having me close by and watching me grow.

He created the best memories that I have, and wrote a beautiful story on my skin.

Collector of childhood treasures, official photographer of important events. My grandfather was also my biggest fan in whatever project or venture I undertook.

He was also the teller of my favorite stories and the singer of my favorite lullabies.

I will always follow in my grandfather’s footsteps

My Grandfather Has Silver Hair and a Heart of Gold

My grandfather will never die, because nothing will ever remove him from my heart. He will always guide every step I take as my role model.

He’ll point me in the right direction, as my compass. Perhaps in the future he’ll disappear physically, but his memory will live on through me.

Like a flame, I’ll keep him lit at my side. For every moment I’ll hold him in a special place in my heart, which has grown with his unconditional and eternal love. A love that cannot die with time.

Because I know, as soon as he leaves, that he is with me. And even if he does leave, in time we’ll meet again in heaven.

And together we’ll continue to enjoy more wonderful time together. My dear grandfather, I love you with my whole heart, forever.

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