The Relationship Between Siblings: a Unique Bond

Humans can have many relationships in life, but there is none as unique and special as the bond between siblings. Let's look at the details of this connection.
The Relationship Between Siblings: a Unique Bond

Last update: 24 February, 2019

Human beings establish many relationships in life, some more important than others. Without a doubt, the relationship between siblings is unique and irreplaceable. 

Although it’s true that the strongest and most stable relationship is the one we have with our parents, we could say that the most similar one is the relationship we have with our siblings.

Siblings create a unique and unbreakable bond that is strengthened over the years, shared experiences, and the complicity they forge.

A brother or sister is an unconditional, lifelong friend. Siblings are people you don’t choose; rather they’re your ally, companion, accomplice, and sometimes, especially in childhood, your worst enemy.

This relationship can turn into a pillar of safety between siblings, and a source of mutual affection. At the same time, it’s the basis of future friendships and helps us learn how to resolve differences between acquaintances and friends.

The relationship between siblings is often the first relationship between peers that we have in life. It’s a type of training to know how to relate with other people.

The interactions and harmony between siblings reflects, in a certain way, the good and difficult things about society.

In the day to day, siblings get a glimpse of fraternal love, games, and the practice of values and principles, as well as the major conflicts and quarrels they must learn to overcome.

Our siblings: foundational people in our lives

The relationship between siblings is full of irreplaceable connections and stories that can’t be reproduced in any other connection, given that the sibling relationship is one of the most important, enduring, and stable connections in life.

Forming a good relationship between siblings

As parents, we should know how to channel the relationship between children into something good. It’s important to show them the balance and harmony that a family represents and the importance that they have in it.

The following advice could also be useful:

Promote healthy coexistence

Avoid creating rivalry through words or actions that might show preference towards one child. Encouraging a healthy connection between your children now will guarantee a good relationship in the future.

Value their individuality

Each child is unique and deserves the same attention from both parents and all their relatives. Learn to value the positive aspects of each and applaud their achievements. 

Spend quality time together

Sharing time as a group and one on one with each of them is also important. Try to generate space for communication,  games, joy, and activities and to give them the opportunity to make decisions together.

“Our brothers and sisters are here from the dawn of our lives until the inevitable evening.”

—Susan Scarf Merrell—

Don’t compare them

Avoid rivalries and making comparisons between children.  To strengthen individuality among siblings, recognize that each one of them has interests and skills that are unique to them and you can help them find a special place in your nuclear family.

Stimulating and developing your children’s abilities and recognizing their virtues will be a good example so they can develop positive communication with one another and, in turn, value their siblings’ qualities.

Provide them with a home with shared spaces

Interpersonal relationships are based on time together and interaction. For this reason, we recommend creating spaces for play away from technology, which can often isolate individuals in a virtual space.

If they have a pleasant space to share and unwind, any tension coming from any conflict will disappear quickly.

Assign equal responsibilities

We should reach a balance in responsibilities at home. This helps develop a fraternal connection and cooperation between the siblings. Sharing domestic tasks equally avoids conflicts and will encourage them to support one another. 

The Relationship Between Siblings: a Unique Bond

Be an example

As a mother, you must be an example to follow. This is why, to have a harmonious home, we should avoid and physical and/or verbal abuse. What we do to our children, they will reproduce in their sibling relationships.

Although it’s true that the connection between siblings is something that is rarely seen in other relationships, the example that parents offer the family and environment will be fundamental in creating a comfortable, close relationship.

A sibling will always be the best friend anyone can have. Siblings are the most special kind of ally who lasts for life. Value the relationship between siblings, help your children create a bond that is strong and full of love. This way they’ll always have this source of unconditional love for the rest of their days.



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