The Magical Relationship Between Father and Daughter

The Magical Relationship Between Father and Daughter
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

The relationship between a father and daughter is one of the most heart-warming and intense bonds, when a father is involved and dedicated to his daughter and treats his little princess with love and delicacy. Without a doubt, the father-daughter relationship has an inexplicable magic that is all its own.

And there’s good reason. A father is the first man in his daughter’s life and is also an inspiring role model. Girls form their image of a father figure based on an intimate masculine influence that is present in their daily life.

Therefore, from You Are Mom, we want to offer you a series of tips for those fathers who are fortunate enough to have daughters with whom they can and should form one of the most amazing and enriching bonds.

magical father and daughter bond

How to strengthen the magical bond between father and daughter

Show your little one your deep and unconditional love for her mother. In doing so, she will know that she can be loved in the same way. Keep in mind that it is said that the relationship between a daughter and her father marks the future relationships that she will have with men as an adult.

Thanks to this first love, your daughter will see what a loving relationship looks like. And she will want to be part of a relationship that is just as beautiful as that of her parents when she is older and the time comes for her to find her other half.

The father figure also helps his daughter acquire and develop her femininity and her personality. Say nice things to your daughter. Let her know how beautiful and intelligent she is so that she feels loved and valued, and has a healthy self-esteem and sense of confidence.

Inspire admiration from your little one by making kind gestures towards her. Write her letters, dance with her. Don’t let time slip away, waiting for her wedding day to invite her to dance for the first time. By then it will be too late.

Don’t forget to give her all your attention and enjoy the things that are important to her and that make her immensely happy. Remember to allow her to fall asleep next to you so that she can feel protected and know that she is not alone.

father and daughter playing together

The father-daughter relationship: A bond that stands the test of time

Therefore, appreciate the here and now. Give her a bath while you can. Before you know it, she will grow up and you won’t be able to anymore. Sing to her; become the first man to honor her with a serenade before someone else does it for you. Enjoy every moment to the max: Play, jump, take her out, give her flowers.

Drop her off at school. A time will come when she won’t want you to go with her, and she’ll become annoyed when you try. It’s a good idea to teach her the way home when she’s very young. Some day she will grow up and want to be independent, so it’s very important that she know where her house is.

The relationship between a daughter and her father works like a time bomb that goes off during the adolescent years, a time when this close bond tends to be stretched, and a certain distance falls between father and daughter. But don’t be alarmed, this is something both normal and necessary to prepare her for future relationships with other men.

Furthermore, this time in your daughter’s life produces radical changes. The arrival of her first period, along with changes in her figure and the appearance of her first crushes are events that cause a certain sense of confusion for the father, who often asks himself why his daughter all of the sudden shuts herself in her bedroom and rejects his affection.

If this time period becomes very complicated, fathers should remain close to their daughters. Even when you feel like your little baby has turned into a complete stranger, your role in her upbringing will be fundamental during this process in order for your daughter to develop in an emotionally healthy way.

The ideal teachings of a father-daughter relationship

Lastly, fill your little princess’s life with a large variety of valuable lessons. Good manners and values should be the order of the day. But, above all else, teach her useful things, like how to change a tire and a light bulb, how to fix things around the house. After all, you’ll be preparing her to be a strong and independent woman in the future.

Assure your daughter that she should never be dependent on anyone, and that she has the capability, knowledge and skills to help her life freely and autonomously in her adult life. Pass on to your daughter all those added values that will turn your little one into a great woman.

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