Roots and Wings: The Best Gifts You Can Give Your Children

Roots and Wings: The Best Gifts You Can Give Your Children
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

The two best gifts you can give your children are roots and wings. Material things come and go, and lose relevance as the years go by.

But the love and affection that you’ve received from the day you were born, will stay with you forever. We’ll never forget those two priceless legacies.

Without a doubt, it’s the best inheritance you can leave to the people you love most in the world. There will be no greater treasure for them.

The best gifts they can receive are wings to fly as high as they can, and roots so they know who they are and that they can always return.

At first we may feel sad about our children growing up and leaving. Nostalgia will take hold of us and will make us wonder if we’ve let them fly away too soon.

But we’ll soon discover that when they’re ready, they’ll return to us, in the same way that they prepared one day to leave us. Their roots and wings will have set them up well for life.

I want to give you wings to fly, and roots to not forget

–Rolando Yñigo–

After all, watching your children growing up happy is priceless. It involves not only the deepest felt maternal desires, but also an intimate concern and great responsibility.

Educating your children in values, and nurturing their emotional intelligence, self-esteem, independence and security will be the most important mission of your life.

Roots and wings: the best gifts

The best gifts for these little ones aren’t available in any toy store. Nor do they involve large monetary expense.

They don’t take up space or mess up our entire house in the blink of an eye. They’re something that our children will carry in their hearts forever.

They will be tattooed on their souls; these gifts are as useful as they are eternal. They will accompany children along the wonderful journey that is their life.

And they will leave indelible marks on their personalities. Roots and wings are what they need.

Give your youngest son roots. Only then will he know who he is and where he comes from. Only then can he grow up strong.

In addition, that same child will be able to stand his ground when necessary. No fear or external threat will be able to move him. He’ll be completely indestructible and resilient.

He’ll also start forging his wings from a very young age. The biggest and most resistant wings you can imagine.

In this way, he’ll be able to go much further than anyone else. He’ll fly as high as he can. He’ll probably leave before you even finish preparing his wings, or maybe shortly afterwards.

For that reason, it’s a good idea to be prepared because at any moment your child will want to use them.

Roots and Wings: The Best Gifts You Can Give Your Children

The importance of having roots

A being without roots has no life or future. They’re fragile and easy to pull down. One of the best gifts you can give your child are, without a doubt, roots.

By doing this he’ll be able to understand himself and face the challenges that today and tomorrow will bring.

It’s all about being “well grounded.” Standing firm by understanding who we are and where we come from.

Looking proudly at what we became and above all, how far we’ve come. And primarily, trusting in the goals we want to achieve.

By having those roots, your children will never feel lost or desolate. On the contrary, they’ll experience a great satisfaction that will strengthen them even more.

And best of all, you, as parents will be there to support them, just like canes that support young plants. You’re the ones who will never tire of celebrating victories and mourning their defeats.

The role of wings

Roots and Wings: The Best Gifts You Can Give Your Children

The other best gift you can give your children are wings. But take note, because even though you must provide them, only they are the ones who can learn how to use them.

Only they can learn how to fly with their w ings of autonomy, independence and freedom.

Your children will choose their own path, following the road they choose for the rest of their lives. Support them so that they’re happy with what they’re passionate about.

Help them feel encouraged to pursue and achieve their dreams. Help them fight for the impossible even when it seems a hopeless case.

So, give wings to your child, so that he can fly as high as possible. Even higher than you. Let him reach greater heights day by day in every possible way. Let him grow, let him really grow!

Show him how to achieve the objectives and goals he most desires. Help him to be happy and complete, and that he may see all his plans for the future fulfilled.

And, by doing so, your soul will also smile. With pride you’ll see how you played such an important role in giving your child the best gifts possible: roots and wings.

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