Shoes with Wheels (Heelys): Yes or No?

Shoes with wheels should be seen more as a toy than a regular choice of footwear. In other words, if they're worn too much, the downsides outweigh the benefits for young children.
Shoes with Wheels (Heelys): Yes or No?

Last update: 25 February, 2019

These days it’s common to see kids wearing shoes with wheels embedded in the soles. They’re increasingly in style, but the question is whether they’re good, or if they have negative health effects.

Whether these shoes are beneficial or problematic will depend on how you use them. It’s important to learn about this footwear choice that is now so popular among young kids.

Shoes with wheels: what are they?

These shoes are also known as heelys. They’re shoes, usually sneakers, with a wheel in the heel. The wearer can use the wheel to slide across the floor.

Since they were introduced to the market a few years ago, they’ve become very popular among kids between 3 and 12 years old.

The most common question about shoes with wheels is whether they are beneficial. These shoes are definitely more a toy than a shoe to wear all day. 

They’re shoes that children should wear occasionally, but not as they just go about their days. Most heelys are designed to look like sneakers, which makes them seem like they’re for normal use.

In practice, despite the fact that shoes with wheels do have their advantages, they aren’t healthy if you wear them for daily use. 

Advantages and benefits of shoes with wheels

For kids, wearing shoes with wheels can be very fun. Why? They can move around more quickly, going further in less time.

Despite looking like sports shoes, their main appeal is fun. In other words, shoes with wheels are a game for kids, a great source of entertainment.

Disadvantages of heelys

Shoes with wheels have many more disadvantages than advantages, especially if your child wears them daily. In the first place, wearing these shoes can be dangerous for kids.

Wearing these shoes, kids often don’t control how fast they’re going. This can lead to tripping and falling. An unexpected fall can lead to injuries or broken bones. A good way to prevent this type of accident is to use the required protective equipment.

One of the most important disadvantages to keep in mind with these shoes is that they aren’t very beneficial in terms of health. In addition to injuries to the extremities from possible falls, wearing them too much can lead to back pain for children.

Don’t forget that, with this type of unusual shoe, the foot never fully contacts the floor. When children wear shoes with wheels they offer very little support, which can also cause aches and pains. Over the long term it can lead to more serious health problems.

Should my child wear shoes with wheels?

In conclusion, if these shoes are treated like a toy and worn for a limited amount of time, there won’t be any major consequences. They’ll be a fun experience for your child.

What is a problem that comes with health consequences is when these shoes are abused. That is, when they’re worn as everyday shoes.

What is the best shoe for daily wear?

Basically, a good shoe for daily wear should have a forefoot that is wide enough that your child’s toes aren’t squished. They should also be flexible in the middle and have a heel that provides enough stability.

Shoes with Wheels (Heelys): Yes or No?

In sum, the answer to the initial question is that it’s fine for kids to wear shoes with wheels as long as it’s for a limited time. That is, if they’re treated as a toy. They aren’t a good choice for daily footwear as they can have negative health effects. 

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