3 Short Films that will Teach Your Children Values

All children's films offer messages that can be a source of reflection. Movies are a great way to help your children grow, and shape responsible adults for the future.
3 Short Films that will Teach Your Children Values

Last update: 24 May, 2018

Teaching values is a vital part of raising your children. But how can you go about this creatively? Reading books, seeing theater performances, and watching movies or short films are all excellent ways to teach values. 
Short films are great tools that allow your children to think about the importance of acquiring good values, while having fun at the same time.

This type of activity provides concepts that parents want to pass on to their children. They include values like respect, compassion towards others, fraternity, friendship and tolerance, among others.

These values will help them develop a moral conscious that will accompany them for the rest of their lives.

The film industry is a fabulous mirror of life and offers learning opportunities to your little ones. That’s whey we’ve prepared a selection of 3 short films to teach values to your children

You can watch any of these films as a family, and your children will be sure to receive the numerous positive messages.

“Your values define who you truly are. Your true identity is the sum total of your values.”

—Assegid Habtewold—

3 short films that will teach your children values

1. Piper

Piper is a beautiful 6-minute short film that will be a true pleasure for your little one to watch.

The story centers around a little bird that lives comfortably in his nest. However, the time has come for him to leave the nest. He must venture out and find his own food.

It’s his mother who pushes him to live this new experience, and she accompanies him to the sea shore. But the waves scare Piper, and he becomes discouraged.

With the help of his parents and a new friend – a small crab – Piper faces the fear caused by the water and overcomes it.

The story teaches children positive values about effort and self-advancement. It’s a life lesson: you need to leave your comfort zone in order to learn. 
You need to go beyond the limits and lose your fear of making mistakes. This is the way to find the right path.
3 Short Films that will Teach Your Children Values

2. The Potter

For our second short film, we want to suggest the 7-minute story of a teacher who teaches the craft of pottery to his apprentice . The two characters have a beautiful relationship.

The child, in particular, greatly admires his teacher due to his ability to create beautiful pieces out of clay.

The small child discovers that with patience and hard work, he too can create beautiful works of art. 

This short film has the power to communicate the values of dedication, effort, patience and perseverance in reaching success. These four disciplines will help your child reach any objective he sets for himself.

Thanks to the master potter, who acts as a guide, the little boy advances step by step. What’s the moral of this story for us as adults?

Some objectives may not seem easy for our children. But we must offer help and motivation so they can reach their goals .

3 Short Films that will Teach Your Children Values

3. The Biggest Flower in the World

The last short film that we want to suggest today is based on a story by José Saramago, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The story invites us to reflect deeply upon solidarity and human relationships in a world broken by selfishness and individualism.

The Biggest Flower in the World is ideal for those who seem to have forgotten the value of the simple things in life. It also teaches respect for the environment.

This is the story of a child who sees his father cutting down a tree in the field. The father wants to use the tree to decorate a table in his garden. 

After witnessing this, the child heads to the forest to cut down another tree, where he finds a beetle. He traps the insect and places it in a box.

The beetle manages to escape from the little boy’s box, but the boy sets out to recapture it. He jumps over the garden wall in search of the bug.

His curiosity will carry him on a long journey in which he discovers a flower. The small, dry flower is suffering after losing the shade of the tree that the little boy’s father cut down.

Maybe as a game, or perhaps out of genuine good will, the child decides to help the dry flower. In order to save it, he searches high and low for some water.

Without a doubt, these short films will be a great tool in your quest to educate your children with strong values.

We encourage you to enjoy watching them together as a family. You’ll be sure to enjoy a beautiful afternoon on the couch as you watch each one and discuss it together.

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