When You Have a Sibling, You Have a Companion for Life

When You Have a Sibling, You Have a Companion for Life

Last update: 27 April, 2018

Having a sibling means having a companion for life. Ever since I was small, my brother has been there for me, and I have promised to always be there for him.

Without a doubt, having a sibling means having a companion for life… the most loyal, faithful and truly unconditional companion.

My brother has always been there in the good times. And as for the bad times – when people seem to disappear – my brother has never let me down.

A buddy for all my adventures, a counterpart in all my battles. My brother helped shaped my personality, is my number-one adviser, and my devout defender whenever I get into trouble.

He is the holder of my deepest secrets. He was the one, when we were children, who taught me how to walk and laugh.

 Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero

-Marc Brown-

My brother is full of love and light, and is the greatest prize that life could ever give me. And that’s why, as the years go by, we’re closer and closer.

I pray that I’ll always have the privilege and joy of his presence. I’m happy and grateful for him for so many reasons. Brother, I love you with all my heart!

My brother is a treasure chest full of memories

When You Have a Sibling, You Have a Companion for Life

My brother, besides being my companion for life, was, is and will always be a treasure chest full of memories. We share the same anecdotes, and are the supporting actors in one another’s life stories.

I spent my most precious and beautiful moments of childhood, my teen years, and my adult life with him.

I grew, laughed and also cried alongside this figure of infinite love and exemplary generosity. We spent whole mornings and afternoons at the park playing and sharing toys and candy.

Just by spending time with him, I learned the ability and the value of sharing.

My brother never showed an ounce of jealousy towards me. We shared the most exciting adventures and co-authored the most innocent pranks. He taught me how to dream, to laugh and to create

With just a smile and a twinkle in his eye, my brother could explain the whole world to me. I learned the values of trust and respect through his example.

Friendship is our legacy, and we have a thousand photographs to show what we were, what we are, and what we will become.

Whenever my brother saw me as vulnerable or as a victim of some injustice, he was there to defend me. If I was ever afraid, his protective embrace served as my shield against any threat.

When he saw me in harms way, he was always there to step in. My brother is the owner of the sweetest and most tender memories from my childhood.

My brother, over time

When You Have a Sibling, You Have a Companion for Life

Time passes, things change, people come and go. But there is one thing that has always been constant: My brother.

Unchanging and unbreakable, he is the most dependable person in my life. My bond with him is so dear, so special, so unique…

He continues to be the same person I think of when I want to share my triumphs and achievements. I know the happiness he shows in response is genuine and natural.

In the same way, when I need a word of encouragement or guidance, my brother is the first person that comes to mind.

My brother was the first person to notice when I fell in love. He’s seen me cry, and more than once, he’s helped me reflect upon my own mistakes.

Even though we’re both grown up now, he’s still the person that I can laugh about the most absurd things with. No guilt, no shame – the bond that unites us is like no other.

A shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, a comforting embrace. Eating a meal together after a long, hard day of adult life in the real world. Sharing experiences and knowledge.

Remembering fond memories of the past with smiles on our faces. Always honoring those responsible for giving us the gift of being siblings: Our mom and dad.

To this day, my brother is someone I can still place my trust in. He’s that guy who, even though we’re grown up, still gives in to my whims. 

Even though the world around us changes and advances, I know he’ll be my faithful companion for the rest of our days.

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