Sick Kids, Strong Moms: This Ad Will Break Your Heart

Sick Kids, Strong Moms: This Ad Will Break Your Heart
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

A pat on the back to any empathetic mother, and a heartfelt tribute to those that are particularly brave. This ad highlights the constant and silent struggle that many mothers go through. “SickKids versus MomStrong” is both moving and heartbreaking.

This short video left the world speechless, cutting across all societies. Produced by the charity Sick Kids, it reflects how mothers of children with illnesses or chronic conditions feel. Without a doubt, this amazing video leaves viewers shaking, and without a dry eye among them.

Put yourself in the shoes of the fighter who does the impossible for her little one. Understand her pain and fatigue. But, fundamentally, admire her strength, and how she wholeheartedly devotes herself to this unfair struggle, from which there is no respite, to give health and happiness to her child.

With unbreakable grit, remarkable strength and unmatched valor, she falls every day. She is bruised by life’s blows. But every day she gets back up again and stands tall. Everything for the unconditional love that she feels for her children.

sick kids vs strong moms

Nobody expects or imagines how motherhood can sometimes mean sickness. We, as mothers, are not prepared to stare death in the face. At least not when it comes to our children, and much less when they are so small, innocent and defenceless.

This is unthinkable for any mother. There are no words, no reasons that can console or soothe this pain and suffering. According to biology, it shouldn’t be this way. But it happens. And when it does, we will be there, writing the first dark pages of a story that nobody warned us about.

Sick kids, a force for struggle

“Everything happens for a reason”; “it’s all in God’s plan.” We hear these sentiments all the time, until we are sick and tired of them. Not that we share them, of course. We don’t understand, and we can’t believe in anything, other than the bravery and integrity of our little ones.

These buckets of cold water are not easy to understand. People get tired of repeating the platitudes; we get tired of fighting for miracles. We think there are no more tears left to cry, no more strength left to fight. The struggle is exhausting, and we are devastated, hopeless.

This is when a special phrase comes into play, one that we identify with in a certain way.

Nobody knows what strength is, until being strong is the only way forward

-Sick Kids, Strong Moms-

What else is there to say?

When disaster strikes, you become invincible. What does it matter if the diagnoses are discouraging, and “normal” parenthood becomes a far-off dream. What’s another day shut inside in the hospital, holding back the tears so as not to pass your anguish on to the main character of this story.

Your sadness when there are invasive procedures to be done stops mattering. The only thing that matters is their pain, and how to ease it. Giving hope to that child that fights for their life daily. Showing that you are fighting and standing tall, to become the driving force behind their struggle, as they are for yours.

Holding onto the hope that everything will be alright, sooner or later. Passing on the burning desire to live this life. Dreaming of them coming home. A sick kid makes these strong moms all-powerful. With this in mind, we’re sharing this hard-hitting video, and sending a huge hug with all our hearts to those moms – inspiration to us all.

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