Benefits of Letting Children Go Barefoot

Benefits of Letting Children Go Barefoot

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Children love taking off their shoes. But why is this? In this article, you will discover the benefits of letting your children go barefoot.

Your child is probably part of that enormous group of children that loves to take of their shoes and run around barefoot in the house. If you take your eyes off of them, even for just a second, they’re sure to find a way to take off their shoes. Feeling the freedom of their movements allows them to feel more liberated.

But why is it that children love to run around barefoot all the time? Is it best to just let them be? Or will you be feeding a bad habit? Worry no more! In this article you will discover many benefits you never knew. No longer will you fall for the old myth that going barefoot will cause your children to get sick!

Children love to go barefoot. But why?

Without a doubt, right after the shoes come off, your child then rips off his socks. And why should we be surprised? It’s not just about being comfortable and feeling free. It’s also about observing his toes and developing their motricity. 

Of course, sometimes it might seem as though your child is just being fussy or naughty. You might be tempted to think your little one is seeking attention or rebelling against mom and dad. But the truth is, this behavior has to do with a need that’s more important than you think. 

The fact of the matter is, walking barefoot is highly beneficial for children. As we all know, babies are born with flat feed. So, did you know that going barefoot actually favors the formation of your child’s arch? Going barefoot also helps children develop a better grasp of the floor. This in turn gives them better balance and helps them avoid trips and falls.

Furthermore, when a child begins to take off her own shoes, or does the same with her clothing, she is learning! She is practicing important skills and abilities that are developed during infancy. Little by little, her motor skills are becoming more refined. 

Don’t be alarmed if your child ignores clear and simple rules like “no running around barefoot” or “no taking off your shoes.” It may be trying for parents’ patience when their toddlers disobey established rules. But keep in mind that your child’s stubborn behavior is a reaffirmation of his own personality. 

let your child go barefoot

It is for the very same reason that specialists recommend allowing children to go barefoot while they are indoors. The same is true when you are at the beach or out in the country. However, when you are indoors, you may want to opt for non-slip socks. These will help keep your child warm and protect him from slips and falls.

The benefits of letting your little ones go barefoot

Believe it or not, babies’ feet have higher tactile sensory processing than their hands until the age of 9 months. Therefore, feet play an enormous role when it comes to a baby’s neurological development. For infants, feet are an important source of information about the outside world.

Furthermore, being barefoot heightens a child’s space perception because his feet are in constant motion. In other words, leaving your child’s feet free from constraining footwear results in improved nervous system development. This in turn translates into a correct maturing of the child’s motor abilities.

And there’s more! The tactile information that your child receives through her bare feet will give her a better awareness of her own body. This sounds rather silly, but it is actually something that is difficult for your child to define.

Other benefits of bare feet:

  • Helps avoid sweating of the feet and foot fungi.
  • Helps your child achieve the correct foot posture for beginning to walk.
  • Going barefoot is less stressful on the knees and allows for better strengthening of the legs.
  • Going without shoes is beneficial for foot and ankle muscles. 
  • Walking in bare feet promotes blood flow and produces better oxygenation. 
  • A strong grasp of the floor produces relaxation and at the same time provides a healthy foot massage.
  • The thick layer of fat in a baby’s foot prevents your child from getting sick while barefoot.
health benefits of children going barefoot

Advice for moms with barefoot children

  • Never allow your child to walk about on wet surfaces, as this could cause him to slip and fall.
  • Check the floors in your home to make sure there are no objects that could injure your little one’s feet.
  • Be sure that your home is kept at a comfortable temperature. Keep the heat on during the winter months and lay rugs down on the floor. This will keep your child from having to walk on a cold floor.
  • Don’t forget to adapt your house as necessary according to your child’s stage of development. Remember, this stages is characterized by your child’s desire to move around constantly to explore her world.

How about you? Does your child like to go barefoot? What are you waiting for to say goodbye to shoes? Every child is different, so please don’t forget to share with us about your own experience!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.