10 Ways to Bring Your Child Closer to God

10 Ways to Bring Your Child Closer to God

Last update: 26 May, 2018

If you’re religious and would like to provide your child with a religious upbringing, here are ten ways to help bring them closer to God.

A child’s education doesn’t only depend on their teachers. As parents, we must be the first ones to instill values in our children such as respect and nobility, and concepts such as loving thy neighbor. These essential values can be found through God.

In the times we live in, having a lack of faith is very common. People live life in a hurry. Life nowadays is usually lived in a rush and most people are only concerned about money and the ways to get it.

Life has become materialized and due to this we are experiencing a huge crisis of values, which puts the world’s future at risk.

Due to this crisis of humanity, providing a religious education to children has become more important than ever for many parents.

Fostering a healthy and strong connection with God is important to fight negative emotions. You have to teach them that they can continue to trust in Him despite their adversities and problems.

Without a solid spiritual life, negative emotions can affect your child’s physical health.

How can I bring my child closer to God?

Below we’ll share with you some ways to bring your child closer to God. Through this approach we’ll promote the development of an honest and noble human being who will be able to build a better future.

We’d also like our children to have a solid spiritual capacity which will give them security and strength in the face of adversity.

Take your child to mass

Take your child to mass on a regular basis. Listening to the life and teachings of Jesus will motivate your child to do good to others.

They will also be entertained by the various stories and parables, which apart from being didactic are quite applicable to current life.

Pray with them before going to bed

A lot of people pray before going to bed. It is important for them to learn the basic prayers; this will allow them to easily integrate into a Christian community. We must not forget that God is our friend and that we can address him in whatever way we prefer.

10 Ways to Bring Your Child Closer to God

Encourage them to sign up for group sessions

In these groups they’ll be able to meet other children who share their concerns and their love for God. In addition to these meetings, camps can also be organized. Assure them that it will be a lot of fun and they’ll make many friends.

Show them movies and books that speak about God

There are many movies that talk about God. Some of them are specifically created for children. Do some research to find the right movies and books on the subject.

After every movie or chapter they read, they should be encouraged to comment on what they think in order to share a moment of dialogue on the topic. Sharing educational content with our children strengthens our emotional bond and also provides them with security.

    You cannot live without faith. Faith is the knowledge of the meaning of human life. Faith is the force of life. If man lives, it is because he believes in something
Leo Tolstoy

Make them aware of their luck

There are thousands of people in the world who live in poverty, subjected to hunger, war and abuse. Your child is privileged and they should know what goes on in other parts of the world.

Talk to them about the value of helping others and encourage them to get involved with non-profit organizations.

Say grace at the table

Saying grace is an act of gratitude.

Giving thanks for each meal is a way of telling God how lucky we are to have food to spare. This can be carried out at lunch and at dinner when the whole family is present.

10 Ways to Bring Your Child Closer to God

To love nature is to love God

God doesn’t only want us to love other people, but also nature. We should love every living being including plants and animals; we were all created to be valued.

We shouldn’t hurt others. Damaging the environment is another way of damaging God and our own Christian identity.

Pray during your pregnancy

If we’re in contact with God during the pregnancy process, our babies will notice it. Choose a place that is comfortable and quiet.

Concentrate on the child you are carrying as you say every sentence.

Speak to your child

Speaking to your child about God and faith is recommended.

In order for a child to grow up with religious values, they must learn by their parent’s example. Sit with your child often and ask them about their problems and doubts.

The value of forgiveness

One of the most important dogmas of Christianity focuses on forgiveness. Knowing how to forgive is one of the hardest and most valuable lessons that one can learn.

Keeping in mind that we’re all human and that we make mistakes is an emotionally mature way to approach God.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.