My Child and I Make a Great Team

My Child and I Make a Great Team

Last update: 25 May, 2018

There is no better team than you and me, my child. There is no doubt about it: we are the perfect complement for one another. Ever since you came along, you became my driving force; my ideal companion.

We are confidants and adventure buddies. You are my sunshine when the way ahead looks dark and gloomy. My rainbow after the storm. My love, you are the piece of the puzzle without which everything would fall apart.

From the moment you were conceived, you have become part of my existence in the most wonderful way.

You are my greatest creation; my masterpiece. An exquisite harmony, an ode to joy. You are a blessing. My child, I love you with all my heart.

Believe me: I am grateful to be able to share my life with you. To be part of this great team and fight every battle on your side.

You are the foundation that holds me up each day, and the light that shows me the way forward. You are the light in my life without which I could not live.

A great team, united by love

My sweet child, I truly believe that we make a great team, united by the boundless love between us. We are the result of a sacred and pure bond. My unconditional love is yours, night and day.

You have taken over my thoughts. Today, I breathe for both of us. Fortune smiles upon me every day that I wake up to your bright smile.

Your sweet voice and each “I love you, mommy” are my reason to go on living. The joy that you spread everywhere you go is my reason to keep believing.

My Child and I Make a Great Team

Your trust in me is my most precious treasure. Your gaze is full of hope. Every kiss and every cuddle confirms what I already know: there is no truer bond in the universe than the one that we formed from the moment I felt you moving inside me.

My admiration and devotion are yours, always. For this reason, my darling, I will stay by your side for all time. I will care for you and protect you against all ills.

When you stumble and fall, I will help you to your feet again. I will teach you to come through times of hardship and learn from your mistakes.

I will guide you as best I know how. Your secrets will be safe with me, forever. And so will you: I won’t let anything harm you.

You will know no evil, and will come through life’s trials unharmed. I will give everything I can to ensure that you are happy.

Together through bad times and good

Don’t be afraid of the challenges that we will face, little one. Know that we will overcome each one of them, little by little. The love that unites us will make it impossible to fail. Together, we can take on the world.

Don’t let the bad days get you down. Sit beside me and wait. As the minutes go by, the sun will come out again. Don’t be afraid when the clouds come, my child. There will always be calm after the storm.

My Child and I Make a Great Team

Every time you need me, my darling, I’ll be there. You can count on me through the bad times and the good. And no, you don’t need to offer me anything in return. I ask for nothing. Being with you is enough.

Your love, affection and loyalty nourish my heart. Your sweet, tender innocence soothes my soul. For everything that is wrong with my world, you are the cure. For this reason and many others, I will always believe in you, whatever happens.

After all, you know me better than I know myself. And I, too, know how to read you like nobody else. Trust in me absolutely and I will do the same for you.

Believe in the power of this great team. Then, and only then, will you see that everything is going to work out just fine, all thanks to the bond that we share as mother and child.



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