A Short Film About the Problem of Rivalry

It's important to address the problem of rivalry and competitiveness in children. Next, we'll recommend a short animated movie about this topic.
A Short Film About the Problem of Rivalry
Ana Couñago

Written and verified by the psychologist Ana Couñago.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

One Man Band is an animated short film by Pixar, directed by Mark Andrews and Andrew Jimenez. In just four-and-a-half minutes, it allows us to reflect on the problem of rivalry.

This is a very interesting, short musical film you can watch with children and adolescents. After viewing this film, you can help your children understand the consequences of competing in an unhealthy way with their peers. Do you want to know more about this wonderful short film and what it can teach children? Read on!

The plot of One Man Band

In the first scene of the movie, we’re introduced to Bass, a one-man band who dedicates his time to playing on the street in Italy to earn a bit of money.

Then, a sweet girl named Tippy enters the square with a coin in her hand. Bass tries to attract her through his music. However, just when the little girl is about to leave her coin for Bass, another one-man band, Treble, appears and manages to captivate the girl’s attention.

A Short Movie About the Problem of Rivalry

This sparks a rivalry between the two musicians, as they begin to compete for Tippy’s coin. Tippy becomes nervous and annoyed because of so much noise. As a result, she accidentally drops the coin, which falls down a sever. This makes Tippy sad and angry.

To handle the situation, the little girl asks Treble for one of her violins and shows them how well she plays the instrument. Thanks to this, she gets a huge bag of coins.

Since she now has more than one coin, she could give one to Bass and one to Treble. However, she decides not to and instead tosses two coins high up in the fountain. Then, after the credits, the audience sees how both men work as a team to help each other get the coins.

A short movie to reflect on the problem of rivalry

We all know how difficult comparisons can be. However, many times as adults, we continually compare children with each other. We compare them with their siblings, their friends, and their classmates. This is very negative for proper development.

As a result, children grow up assuming their peers are rivals who they should compete with. In fact, these types of thoughts only promote selfishness, competitiveness, envy, frustration, and unnecessary pressure.

However, if we want to create a better future, we need to help children understand that each person is unique and that they can achieve their goals without harming others, just as Tippy does in the short film.

A Short Movie About the Problem of Rivalry

In addition, children need to understand the importance of cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork. In other words, you need to teach them to behave like the two men at the end of the short film.

Children also have to understand the problem of rivalry, which is a self-imposed barrier that prevents you from achieving your goals.

The problem of rivalry in children

In line with all of the above, we should also take into account the following phrase from Jorge Bucay, a doctor, psychodramatist, Gestalt therapist, and writer:

“For me, violence is a consequence of competition, and competition is a consequence of rivalry and comparison; and rivalry and comparison are a consequence of a culture of consumption in which we are educated to compare ourselves all the time with others.”

– Jorge Bucay –

So let’s help children develop free of all rivalry, comparison, and competition. To do this, we need to work and talk with them about these issues. And what better way to do this than through an animated short? So what are you waiting for? Watch One Man Band with your children or students! Click here to enjoy it.


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