A Mother's Arms Are The Best Refuge

A mother's arms are the best refuge for a child. No matter their age, they'll always come to mom for love, protection, and security!
A Mother's Arms Are The Best Refuge

Last update: 11 March, 2022

A mother’s arms are their best refuge, always. From the moment they’re born and as your child grows, little ones will make a nest there. When they come into the world, those arms are simply a necessity. But when children finally grow up, they’re a safety shield, protecting them from all harm.

Your arms are also natural healers of the deepest wounds. They have the gift of calming all fear or anguish, for they’re an inexhaustible source of tenderness and happiness for every child. So carry your child as much as necessary and hold them absolutely every day. Don’t miss the opportunity, the time is now!

A mother’s arms, the closeness to their “other life”

In their intrauterine life, that little piece of your being was wrapped and embraced by your own body. The same body that cradled and lulled them all day, every day. And so, during the nine months of gestation, your child felt safe, protected, and deeply loved.

The time came to go out and meet the crazy outside world. You gave birth and you hold your newborn in your arms. Then, what calms them the most is just to feel what reminds them of that past life. Therefore, your tone of voice, the smell of your skin, and the warmth of your body will be their calm and peace.

Therefore, your arms become their company, care, and love. Only by making sure you provide all of them will you prevent the child from suffering emotional deficiencies. In the short term, this can translate into attitudes that outsiders could qualify as “capricious or hostile”.

A painting of a mother holding her child.

From then on, this process of fusion with the mother will pass to the background. A new stage will open up. There, the right combination of your arms, surrender, physical contact, listening, and presence will be essential. As you can see, the time frame in which your child inhabits your own body is extended. It doesn’t go away, but takes other forms.

A mother’s arms, the instrument of a powerful embrace

It’s true. A hug isn’t capable of solving problems. Nor does it ward off the evils and dangers of our environment. However, its immense power is capable of healing each of our wounds. Its instrument, your arms, will always preserve the magic of mending broken wings.

A hug from you can alleviate any pain and anesthetize any suffering. It’s through this beautiful gesture of love that you show your child that there’s someone who waits for them, simply because you love them more than anything else in the world.

For there’s no embrace as heartfelt and real as the one a mother gives her child. And justly, a sincere embrace is a sign of a love that burns. Your arms caress their soul, whether it’s whole or in pieces. They also nurture their self-esteem and forge a personality.

A hug is a unique suit, but it has the ability to mold to the bodies of all your children. There’s nothing like your body, dear mother, to speak this language of the heart. A pure language, dominated by the most unconditional and eternal feeling: Infinite love.

This show of affection is the best and most complete communication tool. It doesn’t need to be accompanied by words. With your arms, you can teach your children the value of the most communicative silence. Enjoy the peace and eternity that such a simple and endearing moment can bring.

An embrace is that artist capable of drawing the most beautiful smiles on your children’s faces. They carry the happiest moments of their childhood. But not only children enjoy them. For they’re the emotional nourishment of every child, but also of every adult.

There’s nothing like a mother’s arms!

A painting of a mother snuggling with her baby in bed.

Indeed, mom, there’s nothing in this world that compares to your arms. Transitional objects and games of all kinds won’t be able to soothe and entertain your child the way you do. Nothing will improve the child’s mood or form their personality and self-esteem the way you can. Your body is the best refuge that a child can inhabit.

Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to nurture the heart and soul of this helpless and innocent being. In return, they’ll offer you days and nights of incomparable tenderness and love. Undoubtedly, a win-win deal. Especially the sacred bond that unites mother and child.

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