A Mother Only Wants Her Children to Be Healthy

There's nothing a mother wants more than for her children to be healthy. Therefore, we invite you to enjoy every day at their side.
A Mother Only Wants Her Children to Be Healthy

Last update: 01 May, 2021

From the moment a woman receives the news that she’s going to be a mother, all she wants is for her children to be healthy. And this desire remains for life and becomes her greatest purpose. Even if everyday events sometimes make her forget it, a mother would give everything she possesses in exchange for seeing her children healthy and happy.

There’s no stronger bond than the one forged with that beautiful being who’s grown in your womb. No one else knows what your heart sounds like from the inside. When you become a mother, your priorities change and any other concern pales in comparison to the wellbeing of your little one.

A mother only wants her children to be healthy

When a woman’s pregnant, everyone around her starts asking her about her expectations. “Do you want a boy or a girl?” “Do you think the baby will look like you?” “What color do you think their eyes will be?” And, although fantasizing about what her future baby will look like fills her with anticipation, in the end, the answer’s always the same: “I just want my baby to be healthy.

A mother snuggling with her daughter.

There’s no love as unconditional as that of a mother. It doesn’t matter to her whether her little one’s tall or short, blond or dark-haired, shy or restless. No matter what, her little one will always be the living image of perfection.

From the beginning of pregnancy, personal wellbeing takes second place. And even though you may complain about the changes in your body, nausea, or discomfort, all it takes is a gentle nudge from the doctor to abandon all your routines and rest in order to preserve the health of your little one.

No one knows of sleepless nights at the bedside of their sick child like a mother. No one else recognizes their child’s pain can cause them more suffering than their own. And any mother would change places without hesitation to spare their offspring a high fever, a broken bone, or a simple blood test.

Physical and emotional health

If you ask a mother what she wants her child to be when they grow up, many will simply say that they want them to be happy. This is the greatest aspiration one can have for a child’s future. We want them to grow up calm, self-confident, full of self-esteem, and without fear of life.

It’s not in vain that mothers devote so much of their time and energy to learning about new developments in parenting and education. They want with all their heart and soul to help their little ones grow up feeling loved and having all the personal tools to succeed.

Fear, uncertainty, doubt, and guilt accompany moms as their children grow up, as they wonder incessantly if they’re doing it right.

Pain and helplessness set in as they watch their children go through their first betrayals, disappointments, and stumbles. In those moments, they only wish they could restore their little ones’ calm, their trust in the world, and their hurt feelings.

A mother looking at a laptop with her children on the couch.

Always keep this in mind

So, although this is something every parent would agree on, it’s important to remember it every day. Daily routines, obligations, and experiences can make us lose sight of what really matters. And, for the same reason, we can become overly concerned about their grades, their appearance, or the lack of order in their room.

And while all of this is certainly relevant, we shouldn’t let it blind us. Every day, hug your children, laugh with them, play with them, and remind them how much you love them. Many mothers with sick children don’t have the opportunity to go to their children’s soccer games or have dinner with them every day. So, don’t worry about the outcome of the game and don’t exaggerate the importance of finishing everything on their plate.

In the end, you have the most valuable thing at stake: Your children’s health, happiness, and companionship. Don’t wait for the flu or a broken heart to rearrange your priorities. On the contrary, be grateful and enjoy every day of that wonderful gift.


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