11 Ideas to Entertain Your Child During the Summer

During vacation, kids are often bored at home. However, you can look for activities to entertain your child during the summer.
11 Ideas to Entertain Your Child During the Summer

Last update: 04 August, 2022

Summer is one of the favorite times of the year for children, as it’s the perfect time to rest, play, and have fun. But, faced with so much free time on vacation, parents juggle to entertain them and make them do activities that are beneficial for them. Therefore, in this article, we’re going to show you some ideas to entertain your child during the summer.

The list of activities to do is very wide and suitable for different ages. You can choose between practicing sports, playing games, or doing crafts at home, and all of them will keep your child entertained. In addition, these options will allow them to develop their skills and also share and strengthen family ties. Take note!

Here are some ideas to entertain your child during the summer

It’s not about imposing an activity on your child, but offering them a range of possibilities so that they can choose according to their own tastes. Some of them have stipulated schedules, such as training classes in different disciplines, and others can be done at home individually or in the family’s free time. Here are our ideas.

1. Practice a sport

Playing sports is the healthiest way to entertain children in the summer. Maybe it’s also the right time to sign them up for swimming lessons, volleyball, soccer, or any other discipline they like. Ask them what activity most appeals to them and look for options in your city. There are academies that train little ones and offer summer courses.

2. Ride a bike

Taking a bike ride around the square or the streets near your home will be great fun for your child. In addition, it’ll be beneficial for their health, as cycling helps strengthen the immune system, improves cardiovascular health, promotes family relationships, and allows the child to enjoy and learn from nature.

A father teaching his son to ride a bike.
Take advantage of the most pleasant afternoons to teach your child to ride a bike during the summer.

3. Create origami figures

One hobby that children enjoy is creating origami figures. So, take some time to share with your child and teach them how to make boats, airplanes, houses, and many other paper creations to let their imagination run wild. Origami, as this activity is known, can be very entertaining and also conveys the importance of recycling.

4. Watch movies that teach values

An afternoon or evening of movies or series is one of the great ideas to entertain your child in summer. Try to make sure that the content not only entertains, but also teaches universal values, such as love, respect, family unity, and responsibility. It can even be a good occasion to enjoy as a family.

5. Have a sleepover

Sleepovers have become one of the favorite activities for children to play and have fun with their peers. During them, kids entertain themselves by watching movies, eating popcorn, putting together puzzles and legos, playing riddles, or telling stories. There are many other ideas you can implement at a get-together night with friends, so encourage your child to innovate.

6. Putting puzzles together

Jigsaw puzzles are a must in homes with children. They’re practical games that test imagination, memory, and coordination. They’ll also keep your child entertained while looking for the pieces to assemble the figure printed on the box. There are puzzles of different sizes and difficulty levels that can be suited to your child’s age.

7. Become a chef

How about playing chef with your child? It can be a lot of fun and your child will also learn how to do kitchen work and prepare food.

There are easy recipes that you can make together, such as smoothies, lemonade, or scrambled eggs. Of course, they should always be especially careful with heat and fire. You can start teaching them to whisk the mixture to make a cake, while you add the ingredients.

8. Camping at home

Setting up camp at home is another way to entertain in the summer. You can set up a tent in the backyard or garden and add chairs, cushions, and a blanket to the seating area. Invite your child’s friends over and prepare a delicious snack to share. You’ll see how much fun it can be!

A mother recording a video of her daughter.
Encourage your children’s creativity and invite them to share their videos with friends.

9. Record a video for social media

With the rise of social media, especially Tiktok, Instagram reels, and YouTube channels, more and more children are venturing into these platforms and exposing their skills as real TV presenters. Thus, creating a video and then uploading it to one of these networks will be a lot of fun for the whole family.

Talk to your child about the topic that they would like to present in the video. It could be a musical, exercise, cooking, animals, how to preserve nature, or some other topic that interests them. Together you can produce the script and record it. With today’s technology available, it will be very easy to do this.

10. Write a story

Stories are a way for children to exercise their literary and creative skills. This pastime also boosts their imaginative capacity. Ask them what they would like to write about and encourage them to express their stories on paper. Surely, they’ll try to recreate a story they’ve heard, but with their own words and originality.

11. Bring puppets to life

Another idea to entertain your child during the summer is to bring puppets to life. Creating characters and making them talk and move can be a great experience, where creativity is put to the test. You can use paper bags or socks to easily assemble these figures that will attract the attention of little ones.

Make the most of your child’s free time

Now that you have your child at home full time, it’s good for them to rest, but also to engage in activities that entertain them.

Alternatives that allow them to develop skills such as creativity, motivation, organization, the importance of team building, and sharing with the family, will help them get the most out of their vacations.

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