The AEIOU Method for Raising Kids

It's important to raise your children with love and respect. The AEIOU method will help you to do so. Learn more about it in today's article.
The AEIOU Method for Raising Kids
Mara Amor López

Written and verified by the psychologist Mara Amor López.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

The AEIOU method focuses on raising children with respect and love. This method helps to promote child development and will improve your relationship with your children. 

Some parents think raising their children with a heavy hand is the best way to do so. They think it’s appropriate to impose their authority and instill fear in their children so they’ll listen to them. In other words, they’re authoritarian parents. On the other hand, there are other parents who take a very submissive stance when it comes to parenting. They give their children everything they want and they don’t set any limits, even when they misbehave. 

What is the AEIOU method?

Samantha Biosca, a coach, created this method. She established five points that she believes are key to children’s education. These points are a series of guidelines that parents should follow in their day-to-day relationship with their children. In doing so, parents will be providing their children with an adequate model.

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These five points coincide with each vowel of the alphabet. Let’s take a look at them.

A: Active listening

When our children speak, you need to do more than just hear what they say. In addition, we should be paying attention to their body language because that expresses a lot. In fact, children often say more with body language than with verbal language.

So, when your little one speaks to you, it’s important to give them all the attention in the world. Pay close attention to their body language and what your child is trying to tell you. That way, they’ll feel understood and you’ll understand them better. 

E: Exemplify

We all know that children learn by imitating and following their parents’ example. Therefore, if you spend the whole day on your phone, you can’t expect them to not do the same.

Remember, parents are role models for their children. Our little ones assume that everything we do is correct. So, if you want your children to grow into empathetic, autonomous, and responsible adults, you need to set an example for them.

I: Inform yourself

Of course, there’s no magic formula for educating our children. However, what we can do is find all the information possible about the best methods for childraising. There are thousands of books and manuals about it. Also, we’re in the age of the internet. So, whatever information you need, you can find it online.

However, it’s important that you know how to distinguish between valuable information and incorrect information. While there’s a lot of true and valid information on the internet, there’s also a lot that you shouldn’t believe. Do your research carefully.

O: Order

It’s so important to teach children how to stay organized, even at an early age. That way, they’ll stay organized in their adult life. When talking about order, we’re not just referring to keeping their rooms organized, but also mental order. And how can you teach them that? You can establish routines and schedules that will help them stay organized from a young age. Also, children need limits and habits in order to feel more secure and to function better.

tips for disorganized children

U: Unify

By unify, we mean:

  • Being consistent when it comes to raising your child. You should always follow the guidelines you’ve set and establish rules and limits. For example, you may have a rule that your child can’t watch TV until they have picked up their toys. So, if they don’t pick up their toys, but you still let them watch TV, then you’re not being consistent.
  • Both parents need to agree on the same parenting style. Therefore, if there’s something you and your partner don’t agree on, you need to work it out before talking to your children. That way, you’ll be able to avoid any inconsistencies that could end up confusing your child.


The AEIOU method can be a very effective way to raise your children in a positive way. This method focuses on treating your children with love and respect. Remember, positive parenting is always the best option because you won’t hurt your child in the process. Also, it will substantially improve your relationship with them. Try putting the AEIOU method into practice! It’ll be great for you and your kids!

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