You Are the World's Way of Telling Me That Life Is Beautiful

You Are the World's Way of Telling Me That Life Is Beautiful
Valeria Sabater

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Written by Valeria Sabater

Last update: 22 December, 2021

Life is a mix of many shapes and colors, but the ones parents enjoy most are reflected in their child’s mischievous face, the music in their smiles, the curls of their hair, and their laughter that fills our spirit with joy and hope. Because life is better with a child by your side…

José Saramago said that a child is someone who was lent to us to act as a crash course in how to love someone else, more than we love ourselves. 

He also explained that few actions require so much courage as becoming a parent. Every day we must face the uncertainty of whether we are doing things right, or whether we are doing something wrong in some little aspect that can harm such a precious and loved being.

It is as if love and fear have always been two sides of the same coin. Hope and doubt always go hand in hand and this is something that is experienced most intensely while a child is growing up. Even so, and we must be clear on this; this is a healthy fear.

We cannot forget that fear is genetically embedded in our brain for a very specific reason: to better survive, to anticipate risks and thus ensure our well-being and that of our loved ones.

Worrying is natural when you know what the most beautiful thing in your world is. At You Are Mom we invite you to reflect on this treasure that your entire daily life revolves around.

You Are My Present, You Give More Meaning To My Life

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It’s really popular now to read blogs by famous people (actresses, singers, journalists…) in which they talk about motherhood, their daily adventures, and their unique tips.

There is no shortage of articles that, without mincing words, speak of how hard this stage is and how much they miss the days when, free from responsibilities, they spent their time as they wished, slept as much as they wanted, and could make last-minute plans without having to rely on anything or anyone.

  • Well, when we think about these comments we notice there will always be those who like to draw a line between the past and present: between this stage “with the guys” and this new stage “with children.” Similarly, we can also draw one for when we were single, and these days when you are in a solid relationship.
  • It is not about reflecting on which stage was better or worse, but rather what each moment in our life has contributed for us.
  • We have to understand that life is a series of moments which we have to learn from in order to continue growing, maturing and taking advantage of everything that we encounter on our way to being better every day.

At the same time we understand that a child marks a key moment in our life cycle. It is an instant in which every man and woman must restart, reevaluate, and better themselves in order to excel, and bring out their best, their most noble, responsible and honorable self.

Far from looking to the past and missing the freedom of yesterday, mature people will put all of their focus into the present, in the “here and now” where every word, every cuddle, and every action is of vital importance.

Life Will Always Be Beautiful By Your Side

Woman breastfeeding child

Your child could be the long sought-after gift of your life. Your little one may arrive unexpectedly when you are not planning for it and at the most difficult time. Still, these uncertainties are now blurred and dissolved in the waters of yesterday, because you have discovered the best that could have happened to the beautiful island of your present. You have never been so happy.

Children come into our arms in different ways, sometimes accompanied by the best partner in the world, and other times you have to face this adventure alone. However, one way or another, you have realized that life has now turned a different color, now everything is more intense, noisy, fun, and at times chaotic…

At the same time, everything is extremely fleeting. Time passes very quickly and your child is growing every second and this sometimes fills you with new fear, anxieties and concerns…

Let us remember again the words of  José Saramago:

“The day will come when we lose our children… but really, lose? How? No, our children are not ours. They are just loaned to us, the most precious and wonderful gift, because they are ours only while they cannot take care of themselves, after that they belong to life, destiny and their own families. May life always bless our children, because life has already blessed us with them.”


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