Dear Mom, A Letter from Your Baby that Wakes You Up at Night

Dear Mom, A Letter from Your Baby that Wakes You Up at Night
Elena Sanz Martín

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Dear mom, I know that since the day I arrived your nights have changed a lot. Each one of them has become more difficult than the one before. I also understand that this affects your days.

I watch you and appreciate your tired gaze. That’s why I feel so lucky and blessed.

Even when you sacrifice yourself and give me everything, for nothing in return, I still notice the happiness you feel to have me. I find the best refuge in your arms, the truth of life and of love. You are warmth and tenderness. The joy that makes my world spin.

Thank you mom for loving me and dedicating your time and patience. For comforting me so softly and sweetly. I also thank you for each song you sing to calm me down at night. For those classic stories you tell me, in which you let your imagination soar.

“There is nothing more relaxing for a baby than the voice of their mother” – anonymous

The nights we have shared since I was born

Dear Mom, A Letter From Your Baby That Wakes You Up At Night

Dear mom, I appreciate the nights we have shared since the day I came into your life. For example, yesterday I woke up every hour asking for you to hold me in your arms. I did this because I needed you. A world where I don’t hear your heartbeat every second scares me.

I need your protection, restrain and affection. There is so much peace and security in your arms that words cannot describe. Despite all my insistence I observe your patient face, always willing to please me.

You offer me the richest and most healthy thing in the world with a smile: breast milk. I cling to you with my little fingers. Although your eyelids struggle to stay up due to sleepiness, you never take your eyes off me. You look at me straight in the eyes as though you were gazing into my soul.

This is how I learn the value of sacrifice and dedication. Through you I learn about true unconditional love and visceral generosity. I really value everything you’ve done, and do for me every day. This is why I extend to you my apologies but I would like to explain that I only needed to feel close to you, my heroine.

I know you need to sleep. But you know what? I cannot control my sleep stages or my needs. They were all programmed by biology. Don’t listen to those that say I’m trying to manipulate you. I need security just as much as I need a tummy full of milk or a diaper that doesn’t irritate my delicate skin.

What I want you to know about my nights

I still don’t know the importance or functions of walls and ceilings. For me, my refuge is in your arms. You’re my salvation, my world, my food and my entire life. Disregard those who say that this is the time for me to become more independent.

I am still a simple baby, a few months of age. Only in time will I learn to be autonomous and independent. You will teach me lots of lessons about life, but for now let me enjoy you. Time passes by quickly and before you realize it, it will be too late: it will not return.

Dear Mom, A Letter From Your Baby That Wakes You Up At Night

I cannot deny that I need you for absolutely everything. You are my guiding light. Believe me when I say that I really need you to respond to my crying, it is not done capriciously. Thank you for responding to my cries no matter the time of day.

With all of these beautiful gestures of love you show me that the world is a reliable place after all. Thank you for giving me the comfort that I needed so much at night. You forget the fact that the next day you have to go to work and do so many different chores.

Cheer up mom! You are doing very well!

Whatever happens, hold your head up high knowing that this time is just an investment. In the future, these complicated nights will only be a memory. A passing anecdote of how strong and brave you can be. When reminiscing you will see that for every bitter moment there were a thousand maternal blessings.

Meanwhile, your hugs and kisses are all I need. So, I promise you that once I’m prepared, I will find my own way. Thanks to all that you have done for me, my path will be firm and cheerful. You are my favorite person in the world. I love you with all my heart and soul, Your baby.

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