Learn All About International Arts Education Week

Celebrate International Arts Education Week with your children! Going to museums or going out to take pictures are just some of the options we'll suggest in today's article.
Learn All About International Arts Education Week

Last update: 31 July, 2021

Did you know there’s an International Arts Education Week? That’s right, and it takes place during the fourth week of May! This was decided by the General Conference of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 2011.

And the intention is, “To raise the awareness of the international community about the importance of arts education while promoting cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue, and social cohesion.”

But what’s arts education? This concept refers to the teaching and learning of different art forms, such as plastic and visual arts, music, corporal expression, and performing arts. All of them have great significance for the culture of a society.

“Arts education is a key to training generations capable of reinventing the world that they have inherited. It supports the vitality of cultural identities by emphasizing their links with other cultures, thus contributing to the construction of a shared heritage. “


A father and his daughter looking at a painting in a museum gallery.

How to celebrate International Arts Education Week as a family?

Education in the arts is fundamental for the integral development of children. Unfortunately, it sometimes gets pushed to the background and doesn’t receive the importance it deserves. For this reason, we suggest you celebrate International Arts Education Week in style by doing some art activities with your family.

Visit the museum

Museums are places that are full of art and culture. Therefore, a visit to a museum can be an ideal plan to carry out during the International Arts Education Week.

We know that, for one reason or another, it could be a little complicated for some families to carry out this activity. However, nowadays, there are many museums around the world that you can visit virtually.

Family choreography

This activity consists of choosing a song and inventing a series of steps to the rhythm of the music. After rehearsing several times, you can record yourselves and then look at how the choreography turns out. It doesn’t have to be perfect; the important thing’s to have a good time together and have fun dancing.

You can also do this by performing a play as a family, which is very beneficial for learning to express yourself with your body.

Reproducing a famous painting is another good idea to celebrate International Arts Education Week.

In this case, you can search the Internet for famous works by painters you’re interested in. Each member of the family can choose a painting and try to reproduce it.

Keep in mind that these will be your own versions of the original work, so you don’t need to have great painting skills; you just have to be willing and let your creativity carry you away. Afterward, you can hang these creations all over the house, as if it were a museum.

Another alternative to this idea is to make live recreations of people and scenes in a classic painting! To create your “living paintings“, you’ll need props, makeup, and homemade costumes.

Taking artistic photos

Today, electronic devices surround us day and night, and most of them have built-in cameras. So, how about taking advantage of those cameras to take artistic photos? It’s a plan that the little ones in the house are sure to love. Or perhaps you have an old digital camera on hand or even one that uses film! Your kids will love discovering how to use these devices.

A boy taking pictures in the woods with his mom.

You can take pictures of yourselves, the objects you have around the house, the streets of your town or city, nature, etc. This way, you’ll have a nice collection of photographs that could make up an album or scrapbook.

The importance of the International Week of Art Education

It’s important that children know that the fourth week of May is International Arts Education Week and that they can enjoy it. Culture’s one of the most precious assets we have as a society and children should be aware of the fundamental role that music, dance, painting, etc., have on our lives.

Promote creativity in your children, so that they grow up mentally healthy and happy and teach them to value the existing culture in the entire world.

“Creativity builds the resilience we need in times of crisis. It has to be nurtured from the earliest age to unlock the imagination, awaken curiosity and develop appreciation for the richness of human talent and diversity. Education is the place where this starts.”

-Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO-

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