The First Day of the School Year

Going back to school isn't just one more day of the year. It's the beginning of a new stage for schoolchildren and their families.
The First Day of the School Year

Last update: 08 October, 2021

School supplies, gym equipment, books, and backpacks are part of the landscape when you walk into the store as the first day of the school year approaches.

For some, it represents the beginning of a great stage and, for others, the culmination of a cycle as a student. But in both cases, it’s a day that leaves an important mark on their lives.

What does the beginning of the school year represent?

The first day of the school year isn’t just any day of the year, but it’s the day in which there’s a huge shift in the routines of children and their families. In addition, it’s a day on which many projects are renewed.

The alarm clock should go off very early and it’s essential that you plan in advance for this possible change in schedules.

When there are several children at home, the situation can become even more complicated and requires greater organization. If there are preteens or adolescents who, due to their circadian rhythm, must attend classes a little later, the first day of the school year can be more challenging, but just as exciting.

It’s worth trying to make this day a special day!

Two friends sitting together in school.

It’s likely that each and every one of us will remember the excitement around the first day of the school year. And for that reason, it’s key that we help our children to treasure pleasant and positive memories of this moment.

Each family is different and so are their routines. For this reason, it’s difficult to offer a universal recipe for all households. However, a useful tip is to try to find harmony around the beginning of the school year.

Having a calm and smooth first day of school can condition the development of the school year for good, while chaos and disorganization will surely cause some setbacks.

Professor Nidia Karina Cicero, from the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), highlights a key point:

“Knowledge between teachers and students is essential in the teaching process. Although the first day of classes turns out to be the right moment to start it, this opportunity can be lost if it’s approached as one more day of the course, which will only differentiate itself from the rest of the classes for the formal presentations of teachers and students “.

Family, the new responsibilities, and gathering times

As children grow, it’s important to help them gain autonomy, and the home is a good place to put these skills to use. For example, teens can make breakfast for themselves and the rest of the family.

Many times, we hear about the importance of sharing the family table. However, in many homes, this isn’t possible for various reasons. In general, breakfast is usually the time when all the members meet at the table and, therefore, it can become a meeting space.

The way in which adults value family time and the importance we attach to breakfast are determining factors for our children to participate in this activity. The difficulty in incorporating this habit into the routine shouldn’t cause frustration, but rather motivate us to work on those goals that we want to achieve as a group.

A famiy enjoying breakfast together.

The first day of the school year is a family milestone

We must bear in mind that the first day of the school year is a very important moment for children and parents: It’s the beginning of a new stage in everyone’s life.

However, it’s important to work on those excessive expectations around this day, such as the excesses that occur in certain celebrations of adolescents. For example, the celebrations of the last first day of school, senior pranks, etc. In situations like these, it’s good to anticipate them and have a face-to-face conversation with our children.

Finally, the emotions that are triggered by the start of classes vary from one child to another. It’s crucial to respect the particularities of each one and act accordingly, without trying to impose a feeling that’s not genuine.

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