4 Hairstyles for Girls With Long Hair

Is your daughter a fan of trying out new hairstyles? Take advantage of all the options that her long hair offers with the styles mentioned in this article.
4 Hairstyles for Girls With Long Hair

Last update: 08 October, 2018

There are so many different hairstyles in the world that would look beautiful on your baby girl. But to make it easier for you, we’ll bring you 4 really cute hairstyles for girls with long hair.

Whether for a special occasion or just for a normal day, all girls like to feel comfortable with their hair. This doesn’t necessarily mean being obsessed with your hair to the point of never being satisfied. In fact, messy hair has become very trendy in the last few years, and many girls have learned to embrace it.

Below, you’ll find several hairstyles for girls with long hair. Each of them has different degrees of formality, as well as difficulty. We know having long hair can be quite bothersome sometimes, but don’t worry! We’re sure your daughter will at least like one of the hairstyles in this article. Let’s check them out.

Hairstyles for girls with long hair

1. Braided ponytail

This option is great if you’re attending a special event since it’s very elegant and classy. It’s very simple and easy, so much so that you can teach your daughter to do it by herself as well. However, it’s important that she knows how to braid her hair beforehand since it’s the main accessory of this hairstyle.

First off, make a part in the middle of the head, from the forehead to the back. Grab enough hair from one side and divide this handful into three equal parts (to make the braid). As you’re in the process of braiding the hair, take more hair from above and below the head and add it.

4 Hairstyles for Girls With Long Hair

When you reach the part of the head behind the ears, don’t add more hair from the area above. Make sure you add a couple of locks from below only.

Then, grab the hair from the other side and repeat the process. Finally, grab the hair that’s left behind (in the center) to the two braids to form a ponytail.

You can tie the ponytail with an elastic band or, if you want to be more fashionable, with the hair itself. Lastly, don’t forget to loosen up the braid a little bit to give the hairstyle a little more volume.

2. Braids to the side

With the help of a comb, make the part for one of the sides. The hair on the side with the least proportion is the one you’ll use to make the braid. To avoid combining the two sides, hold the other side of hair with a hairband.

To make the braid, take three locks of hair (make sure they’re not too long) and cross them. Try to make the braid in a backward direction. Once it’s ready, hold it momentarily with a rubber or elastic band. Then, untie the other side of hair.

The last step is to put the braid under the rest of the hair and tie it with a lock of hair underneath so that it’s not visible.

This hairstyle for girls with long hair is very popular at the moment. In just a matter of minutes, your baby girl will be ready to show it off!

3. Hair down with a bandana

Braids aren’t the only thing you can do to make your girl’s hair look great. In fact, you can simply leave her hair down and use accessories. This hairstyle is very easy and fast: comb the hair and push it back.

Then, proceed to put the bandana behind the nape of her neck so you can tie it up. It’s up to you where you want to tie it: either up or towards one of the sides.

If you want to make the hairstyle more elaborate, you can also combine it with a braid or a ponytail. Don’t forget to ask your baby girl’s opinion on what she likes best.

If you’re in a hurry or if you just want to make the hairstyle as simple as it can be, leave her hair down, comb her bangs, and voilà! This easy hairstyle will leave any girl looking fabulous.

4 Hairstyles for Girls With Long Hair

4. Simple hairstyle with a bow

This is another great hairstyle for girls with long hair. To do it, comb her forelock and draw a triangle on top of her head. You can do this by combing the hair sideways starting from the forehead and opening the lines as you get to the back of the head.

Tie the hair with a hairband on top. Then, tie the combed hair from the sides backward, to the back of the ear.

Finally, take the three locks of hair in the back of her head and tie them with an invisible hairband. Place the bow and you’re done!

As you can see, it’s not necessary to be a professional hairstylist to be able to make you or any long-haired girl look good and fashionable.

If your daughter’s interested in doing something fun with her hair, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity and create a fun look.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment and take what your daughter likes into consideration. Have fun!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.