4 Tips for Finding The Right Balance

If you don't learn how to balance your work, family life, and health, they'll all suffer. Apply the right balance and organize your life intelligently with these tips.
4 Tips for Finding The Right Balance

Last update: 28 September, 2018

Without a doubt, finding the right balance between family and work is an extremely complicated challenge. However, there are many people who have been dealing with this for years with great success. Today, we’ll have a look at some key tips for finding the right balance and getting good results.

Sadly for all of us, the day only has 24 hours. This obvious fact, coupled with the energy that we all need to carry out our daily tasks, means that finding the right balance is absolutely crucial.

Optimizing resources, schedules, and taking on responsibilities in different areas is something that many parents have to deal with all over the world.

Some may even ask themselves if it’s even possible to find that perfect balance, or if it’s just a vain struggle, consuming energy and never achieving anything.

In this article, we’ll look at some important things to consider when finding the right balance for an organized life.

The Importance of Balance

Balance implies the right for women and men to have a job which also allows them to raise a family.

There shouldn’t be a difference between genders. All of us should have a right to leisure, personal and professional development, and the right to pursue our individual goals.

Today, after women have managed to obtain many rights which were fought for decades – equal pay and rest, for example – this is fundamental. The desire to raise a family and the obligations which come with it shouldn’t come at the cost of a career.

Finding the right balance isn’t a process exclusively for working mothers.

4 Tips for Finding The Right Balance

1. Organization, the Corner Stone of Everything

If you never keep track of the things you have to do or prepare for, you’ll be bound to miss out on many important tasks or events.

Although you might think that something is so important that you’ll never forget it, it’s still far better to write it down and keep it somewhere that you’ll see it.

So, if during the week you need to buy something specific for an event or birthday, if you have a school meeting, or if you have to write a report for work, write it down in your schedule. That way, you’ll be more conscious of the free time you have left and you’ll be able to spend it doing what you want.

Try it out: you’ll see that you’ll be much calmer when knowing that you won’t forget something. Uncertainty and that horrible feeling that you’ve forgotten something will be things of the past.

4 Tips for Finding The Right Balance

2. Let People Help You

Superheroes don’t exist. If you try to do everything yourself at home and at work, you’ll end up overwhelmed and you’ll be unnecessarily damaging your health. Don’t try to do everything yourself.

Finding the right balance requires knowing how to delegate. However, if there’s something which you would much rather do yourself, keep them for yourself.

At work as well as at home, you’ll be surrounded by people you can trust, more or less. You should use this to your advantage.

Who can support you? Divide tasks between your partner and children at home, whenever possible.

At work, organize things among your peers, if you have some, and delegate to people where you have the authority. This will help them develop professionally and boost their self-esteem as a result of your trust in them.

“Balance implies the right to have a job which also allows you to raise a family.”

3. First Things First

A good exercise for carrying out tip number 1 is that you should prioritize your list of tasks. Make sure that you spend more time on the most important things, like the school meeting or report for work.

Otherwise, begin with the most urgent things, such as buying medications or food. Then, combine this with tip number 2: delegate your secondary tasks among the people around you in the time that is left over.

As you can see, finding the right balance is a practical and intelligent process. All these techniques are both useful and easy to combine.

4 Tips for Finding The Right Balance

4. Seek Happiness

Something you always need to be clear about is that your well-being and that of your family always come first. No amount of work, money, or awards are worth as much as your family’s health.

Try to carry out your obligations but without causing a detriment to anyone else. This means making time for them and showing them affection. Without exception, people come first.

It’s important to clarify that finding the right balance isn’t something just for working mothers.

It also involves other family members, co-workers, and public entities, legislating and controlling the rights of women.

So, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself when necessary. The responsibilities of mothers and fathers are the same. Finding the right balance between family life and work is something that all of us can and should strive to do.


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