Your Daughter's First Visit to the Gynecologist

A woman's first visit to the gynecologist is the perfect opportunity to talk about development and establish a relationship of trust. Discover more about this important moment in today's article.
Your Daughter's First Visit to the Gynecologist

Last update: 06 February, 2019

A woman’s first visit to the gynecologist can create a certain sense of fear among teens. However, these types of exams are necessary to guarantee that there are no problems with our reproductive system.

Your daughter’s first visit to the gynecologist

There’s no need to be alarmed about your daughter seeing a gynecologist. Going to the gynecologist should be part of every women’s routine.

Regular visits help to detect and prevent gynecological problems. Furthermore, gynecologists can help answer any questions women have about their feminine health.

Without a doubt, there are many situations that require an emergency consult with a gynecologist. Examples include unprotected sex, delayed or missed periods, unusual vaginal bleeding, among others.

Of course, planning their first appointment with a gynecologist can be a bit scary for young women. But it also helps them get to know what sort of tests and exams occur during this first encounter.

Your Daughter's First Visit to the Gynecologist

What occurs during the first visit to the gynecologist?

Young women often feel uncomfortable during their first visit to the gynecologist. However, it shouldn’t be a traumatic experience.

Below, we’ll offer a detailed explanation about what the first visit will involve:

1. Preparation prior to the appointment

Helping your daughter prepare for her first visit will be very useful. First of all, remind your daughter that this is a medical consult, just like any other. It’s important to provide the gynecologist with the following information:

  • Family or personal history of any serious illnesses.
  • Other medical problems, like allergies or headaches.
  • Any medication your child takes regularly.
  • Age at first menstruation.
  • Date of last period.
  • Duration of last period or bleeding.
  • Other symptoms that arise during the menstrual cycle.

“Young women often feel uncomfortable during their first visit to the gynecologist. However, it shouldn’t be a traumatic experience.”

2. Medical history

Your child’s first visit will begin with a survey of her general health, meaning the doctor or nurse will ask a series of questions. It’s up to each patient to decide whether or not she wants her mother present at this time.

During the questioning, the doctor or nurse will ask about the patient’s routines and health. The sole purpose behind these questions is to find out about the patient’s general state of health.

Furthermore, this is a good time for the doctor to get to know the patient’s medical history. The doctor will ask if your daughter has suffered any illnesses or operations, as well as look at the information your daughter prepared before her appointment.

Your daughter will also have the opportunity to explain to her gynecologist why she decided to make her first appointment. 

At this time, she can bring up any questions she may have, even if she feels they might seem ridiculous. The gynecologist will then decide if a gynecological exam is necessary to complete the visit.

Your Daughter's First Visit to the Gynecologist

3. Physical exam

Your daughter’s first visit to the gynecologist won’t necessarily include a physical examination. The doctor or patient may decide to use the first appointment just to establish trust and answer questions.

Unless the doctor sees it as necessary or patients are sexually active, then physical exams are optional. During the exam, the gynecologist will examine the reproductive organs to rule out issues like infection and illness. In most cases, this exam isn’t long or painful.

At the same time, the doctor will also perform a breast exam to detect any lumps or abnormal secretionsThis control is necessary in order to discover any type of common asymmetry during the development of your daughter’s body.

Lastly, remember that the first visit to the gynecologist is an essential part of a teenage girl’s life. It’s the starting point to establishing a relationship of trust with a health specialist who will answer your daughter’s most intimate questions.

Therefore, we recommend you give your daughter the freedom to choose her own gynecologist. She may want to see your gynecologist, or go with the recommendation of a friend.

At the same time, let her decide if she wants to go alone or with someone else. This is about her body, so it’s up to her to decide.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.